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Found 6 results

  1. Logged in to the cruise planner for an upcoming cruise and both my cabin and my in-laws have $50 in OBC. Never had OBC since we booked and made cruise planner reservations, but it pooped in there sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Anyone else seeing this? I’m all for free money, but not sure why we have it.
  2. Has anyone had any issues with RC not calculating credits correctly? I have now booked a total of 4 cruises - 3 of which have canceled, and crossing my fingers we can go on the one in September. I have a whole spreadsheet of charges, credits, and refunds, all color coded to connect to each other so I can keep track of what was used and what wasn't. I have called multiple times to speak with a representative only to be on the phone for 2 hours going back and forth with multiple agents saying they can't see certain items, or that they need to transfer me to another department. I need to speak with an agent or supervisor who can see EVERYTHING. I have one cancelled cruise that is a group booking, I've got Onboard Credit certificates, regular cruises, so who or what department can I go to that can actually help me in one sitting? I'm so fed up!
  3. Is it possible to reprice a cruise if the only thing left in inventory is a lower class of cabin? Just hoping for a bit on onboard credit.
  4. I own more than 100 shares of Royal Caribbean (RC) stock. That makes me eligible for "stockholder" onboard credits (OBC) that are usually slightly higher than non-stockholders. One cannot combine "shareholder" OBC with OBC frequently offered to non-stockholders at booking. Can I refuse "booking" OBC and does RC offer any perk in lieu of my NOT taking the more routine OBC?
  5. My wife and I have racked up some points on a Royal Caribbean credit card. We redeemed the points as on board credit a month ago but here it is 24 days to cruise and nothing has shown up on our Royal Caribbean account. My question is for those of you who may have redeemed these points in the past. In your experience, how long before the cruise was your on board credit applied? Drink package is on sale... 3 night specialty dining is on sale, I'm ready to buy with the credits I've earned, but .... nothing.
  6. I am going on the FOTS in March, 2018 and have not cruised in years with RCI. I am wondering if the free onboard credit given by RCI can be used to pay for the gratuities. I was not given a lot of OBC, and am willing to pay for the difference, of course. Any advice/knowledge would be truly appreciated. Thank you.
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