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Found 7 results

  1. As I sit here an look at cruise videos instead of working I was wondering which one is used for MTD.
  2. We are sailing on Independence of the Seas 12/6-12/10...we are going with friends...while we all chose My Time Dining, are we supposed to "pre-book" our times? or can we just walk up to the dining room when we're ready to eat? I cannot remember what we did on the last cruise...
  3. At the risk of sounding stupid here would someone mind explaining to me the differences between MTD and Traditional dining. We always travel as just the two of us and of the dozen cruises we have been on we have never eaten in the MD. We choose to eat at the specialty restaurants (Love Chops!) or Windjammer, or Johnny Rockets, etc most of the time. Reading all of the discussion here in various posts about the MD I am starting to feel like we are missing out on that experience. We have not eaten in the MD for for 2 reasons; 1) We prefer to eat by ourselves. Like everyone else vacation time and $ to spend on them are a precious resource and for us it is time to spend together and we just prefer dining that way. 2) The tables for 2, from what I have seen, always seem to be in awkward areas in such large rooms. I have noticed some that look like they are in what we would consider a better spot. With traditional dining you get assigned to one table for the cruise right? Does MTD give you any flexibility in choosing a table for the week? Anyone else have experience in dining for just two? Thanks in advance for any info/guidance.
  4. We are booked on Anthem in Sept 2017. I have made "My Time Dining" reservations thru the "Calendar Planning". How do you made it specific to comp restaurants like The Grande, Chic or Silk? I want to have dinner at each of them. thanks, FC
  5. So, I just got this letter from Royal Caribbean saying Anthem will be "transitioning" to My Time Dining and that reservations are now open. That's all well and good, but when I go on cruise planner, it only shows the specialty restaurants individually, multi-night dining packages, and then "My Time Dining (complimentary)". So, I played around with it and at no point does it let you choose the individual complimentary restaurants (ie American Icon, Chic, Grande, Silk, etc). What am I missing? lol Does MTD effectively end our ability to pick and choose which restaurants we wish to dine at? [update] - Never mind, just read more information here on the blog. The email they sent out was VERY limited with details.
  6. Hello There! My husband and I just booked a cruise for April 18 on Independence of the Seas - SOOO EXCITED! We picked 8:30pm dining... I felt like it was a little late but thought, well that gives us enough time to get back from port, take a nap and get ready for the night. Plus, if we are ready earlier then we can just go grab drinks at Boleros (Coconut Mojito is my absolut favorite). Anyways, now I am not sure if it was the best idea. We went on Quantum back in November 2014 and did MTD, which we loved, but here it was a little different because their wasn't really a "main dinning room" so we usually ate at about 7:30pm. I liked eating at 7:30pm and going to the show after but missed getting to know our servers. So anyways... what should we do... MTD or 8:30pm dining? Also, we enjoy going to the shows after dinner so what times are the shows? Any suggestions are more than welcome! Thank you! BB
  7. Hi, I have never crusied, At the moment I am trying to plan out activities. Weare four in our party - my wife and I, along with two boys (12 & 15). I am trying to pencil in dinner reservations. The My Time Dining allows me to book a timeslot. However I am confused because it often tells me I have a conflict with a later activity that doesn't start till 90 minutes later. How long should I allow for dinner? I appreciate any insight, Cheers Mark
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