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Found 10 results

  1. Hello cruisers! I'm traveling on Allure of the Seas in December and I'm wondering if there's any restraunts (preferably complimentary) that offer Caviar? My folks want to try caviar and I heard there's caviar in some RCL ships. I'm wondering if it's on Allure but places where first time cruisers (no diamond bar unfortunately) can experience?
  2. Heard a rumor that @Mattwill be on the Freedom of the Seas in the near future and I’m hoping he can post the menus from the main dining room here! actually, anyone on the Freedom could post it : Here’s the link to podcast episode 411, and the included rumor! https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/podcast/episode-411-adventure-of-the-seas-2021-cruise-review
  3. Does the key help with getting tables in the Main dining room? We have my time dining (10 of us) and we have scheduled a time to eat but we are concerned we will miss shows.... If we have THE KEY would that get us anytime we want to eat faster? Essentially I am asking if there is a "Key" line for the MDR.
  4. I will be on Enchantment of the Seas sailing out Nov. 29, 2019.There will be 5 total in our party. We have the unlimited dining package, but looking at the Main Dining Room, it seems there are way more choices on their menu. I also see they have premium selections. If we were to eat at the Main Dinning Room, will my unlimited dinning package allow us to select from the premium choices, or will we still have to pay the listed price, or a discounted price? If discounted what would that charge be? I am debating on if we need to keep the package. I know in the MDR you are allowed to try multiple things on the menu, where Chops is basically one item per course. I am currently in at $118 per person for a 5 night cruise which seems like a great price, but $118 spent in the MDR might go farther than at Chops. Thoughts? Thanks for your help.
  5. My husband and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary in 2021 and are planning a large group cruise to celebrate. How large of groups can you fit at one table in the main dining-room? Also has anyone had a small cake made how much did it cost?
  6. Hi! It's been over five years since my last cruise on Royal Caribbean, and the dining options have changed a bit from back then. When I reserved that cruise, IIRC, I was given the option of two diffent times (let's say 6:30 pm and 9 pm, can't remember exactly...), and when we chose one of them, we'd eat at the same table with the same waiters (and the same other guests) every night. This time we're travelling with a group of 8 people, and we'd like to have (if possible) our own table with the same waiters every night, presumably the same time every night. How do I reserve this? Do I just grab the Main Dining Room with the My Time Dining option, for the same time for every day, and we'll automatically have the same table&waiter for the whole cruise? Thanks ?
  7. I'll be on the Allure in a few weeks for a 7-night cruise and I've booked the 4-night specialty dining package and plan on using the MDR for the remaining three nights. I understand that this arrangement doesn't really let me pre-book the nights and restaurants via cruise planner and Royal's going to auto-assign the Specialty Restaurants for me and I'll find out once I board. I want to go over the selections and make any adjustments I'd like pretty much the moment I set foot on the ship so it's all sorted before the masses arrive. Where do I go to get this changed? Head waiter of the MDR, or should I book it over to a specialty? I'd really like to set up reservations for all 7 nights to lock them in so if there's one stop I can make to take care of it all, that would be ideal.
  8. Do they offer steak every night in the main dining room? Im a bit of a Steak man lol Also how do i do my time for dining room? Also how is the lunch in main dining room?
  9. Hi all These are probably very stupid questions to many of you so laugh if you must! If there is a link to a previous/existing topic please share. Looking at the Ovation deck plan, I can see what appear to be 4 large dining rooms (Silk, American Icon, Grande and Chic). I have found Youtube videos for each so my understanding is these are the MDRs. Please tell me if I am wrong! The questions... 1 - Do you get allocated one of these as your MDR for duration of the cruise or can you choose? 2 - Can you change your choice each night? 3 - Does the formal night apply to all 4 on the same nights? 4 - I assume the My Time Dining is only for these restaurants? If so, my cruise planner does not let me choose which one it just gives me a time slot? Is this purely because I am still a few months before the cruise? Thanks "Stupid" Barrie
  10. On other lines we've travelled with, we've been able to give a preference for table size in the main dining room. Does this happen with Royal Caribbean? As it's just we two, we enjoy dining with others to give a little variety, but a table of 4 is too small (awkward if you don't get on!), but, equally, we don't want to be lost on a table of 12 like we're at a noodle bar! 6 or 8 is always our preference - can this be taken into account, or is it just a case of keeping our fingers crossed?
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