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Found 3 results

  1. im having a hard time finding all inclusive beach resorts and Georgetown and falmouth for my odyssey of the seas cruise on 4/2/23. im looking for something like maya chan. LFK. paradise beach cozumel. any and all info is appreciated! thank you for your time. bmena
  2. Hello, we will be cruising aboard Liberty of the Seas Western Caribbean soon. We normally do destination vacations and spend our time at the beach, relaxing, walking and drinking. I do have a fear of water and don’t know how to swim at all, and my husband is a fish! I’m trying to find excursions that we will both enjoy and can do together. In Cozumel we were hoping that perhaps there isa beach near the port that we can walk to and hang out on. Is this possible? In Georgetown we aren’t sure what to do at all and would love to hear your suggestions! For Falmouth would you all suggest one of the resort excursions to lay on a beach? Thank You so much!
  3. The Empress departs Miami on April 14 next year. The 15th is a cruise day and gets into Georgetown, Grand Cayman, on Sunday April 16th. That just happens to be Easter Sunday. All of the liquor will be closed as well as most of the shops in port. Right now there are only two excursions in GC offered if you have booked this trip. I know the stores will be closed because I called a couple of the shops and one liquor distributor. Not a lot to do in Georgetown except hike to a nearby beach! I doubt if taxis will be operating. Looks like someone in the RC planning department didn't do their homework! I was booked on this trip, bit I have cancelled. Robert :angry:
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