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Found 3 results

  1. From time to time I see people asking about what drinks are included in the Coca-Cola Freestyle drink dispensers. @Matt has written blogs on the Freestyle machines. Here is one from 2015: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2015/07/20/coca-cola-freestyle-machines-royal-caribbean While I am on Anthem I have some free time so I grabbed some pictures of all the Freestyle drink menus. Let's start with the main menu: From here you can see the types of drinks available in each category. First are two pages for the "All Drinks" category: Here are the types of drinks available within each option: And of course plain water: The same drinks are sorted by "Low/No Calories" options: The same drinks sorted by "Caffeine Free" options: Finally the same drinks are sorted by flavor: Here are the Cherry drinks: Orange drinks: Raspberry drinks: Grape drinks: Lemon drinks: Peach drinks: Strawberry drinks: Lime drinks: Fruit Punch drinks: Vanilla drinks: Cherry Vanilla drinks: Mixed Berry drinks: For those that are asking what is a Freestyle drink dispenser? Certain Royal Caribbean ships have these Freestyle drink dispensers. See the blog above for a list of ships that have them. Freestyle dispensers work only with special cups provided with beverage packages. The souvenir cups have a chip embedded in the base that is read by the machine when you place the cup into the machine. There are various designs that are provided. When a cup is first used it is registered in the system and an expiry date is assigned. The expiry date is usually a few days longer than your cruise. The machines also function as ice dispensers. Lastly, these menus were captured in January 2018. It's possible that menus will vary over time and by ship.
  2. Hi all - Does anyone know if freestyle drink machines have been added to Independence of the Seas? I think it is on the way back from Europe now after some upgrades?
  3. I'm sorry to ask this question but does anyone know if Rhapsody of the Seas has Coke Freestyle machines? I know it's not on the lists I've found but I heard a review recently that said they had them. Didn't know if this information had changed? We are going on Rhapsody in December and my son has never been on a ship without the Coke Freestyle machines so I need to prepare him if not. Thank you!
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