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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all! My boyfriend and I are going to be on the Explorer of the Seas July 23 - July 31! This is my first cruise and I am very excited! I would love all your advice and tips you might have!
  2. Hello! We just added this 6 day as a B2B with the 8/20 8 night sailing. I had managed to get a cruise from the casino on Symphony in April and thought this would be a perfect B2B with the 8 day. We will be at Labadee twice, but we love Labadee so that isn’t a bad thing! Jamaica we are less thrilled about, but even if we stay on the ship that day it will be a great cruise. And if anyone has something fabulous to do in Jamaica do let us know that doesn’t involve long bumpy roads or the falls Any other B2Bers with us? 🛳✌
  3. Hi, all! I am going to be on Explorer of the Seas in October 2021. I know it is not being amplified, but I was wondering which specialty restaurant people would recommend for a date lunch? Thanks! J
  4. Hello, Anyone know when exactly the Explorer of the Seas will be refurbished? The only thing I have found is that it will be in 2020, but no additional information. We are sailing from 8/1/2020-8/9/2020 and would love to enjoy any additions to the ship. Thanks!
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