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Found 10 results

  1. In the words as sung by Britney Spears... ? Oops, I Did it Again ? For those who are wondering what is he talking about? (or thinking I've enjoyed one too many happy hour drinks) I just finished 14 nights on this little beauty last week. You can read about that B2B experience here: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/14213-empress-b2b-14-nights-on-the-biggest-little-ship-july-2019/ Those cruises were great but they were Western Caribbean and this 8 night cruise is Eastern Caribbean including a stop at Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. Royal hasn't visited the BVI very much in recent years so when I saw the BVI added to the itinerary in the wake of the Cuba cancellations I knew I had to do it. Icing on my cake comes courtesy of another visit to Perfect Day at CocoCay. Itinerary Miami Perfect Day at CocoCay Sea Day San Juan Tortola St Thomas Sea Day Sea Day Miami Our Perfect Day ends at 2pm so we can make it to San Juan for a 3pm arrival after a day at sea. We stay until midnight in San Juan so if all goes well I hope to get some evening and night pictures around San Juan. Sailing in a Junior Suite I have scored one of the most forward deck 9 JS cabins this time. I love this small ship and her big heart. It's a good thing I love this ship because this will be my fourth cruise on her. My Crown and Anchor points haven't been posted yet from my last cruise on her so with the "paint still wet", I'm heading back to the love of my life, or at least the love of my life right now. Because I'm flying I don't like taking just one cruise so with a night off the water in between, I'm doing a side-to-side over to Majesty right after this cruise. A few years ago I started dreaming about a tour of the small ships and this marks another step towards completing that goal. I think I set a record this time having packed my suitcase a full two days before the cruise. Basically I took my cruise clothes from the dryer and put them right back into my suitcase. " You see my problem is this I'm dreaming away Wishing that heroes, they truly exist I cry, watching the days Can't you see I'm a fool in so many ways But to lose all my senses That is just so typically me Oh baby, oh " Okay that doesn't make total sense but it's the only part of the lyrics that somewhat fit so I'm going with it.
  2. I would be interested in hearing people's opinion of Empress of the Seas. We are looking at the 7 Night Best of Bermuda cruise in an aft junior suite. I know the ship is older and smaller but are we going to be really disappointed or will the itinerary make up for it? We love Grandeur (and other ships in the fleet) so hoping it is somewhat similar to Grandeur. All we really care about is a casino, seeing some comedians, having good food and having a nice balcony. We have been enjoying twangster's blog and the ship seems nice and uncrowded (yeah) but would appreciate other's thoughts. Also, regarding aft Jr suites, are all of the balconies on Deck 7 the same size - the pictures make the middle ones seem bigger?
  3. Hey Folks, My girlfriend and I received the recent casino offer for empress of the seas. She received the free interior room offer for two and I received the same for 250.00. We are think of booking both rooms and bring a guest. There is a snag however in that my girlfriend's job is unpredictable and may require her to miss the cruise. My question is do you think there would be any monetary repercussions for her guest if she missed the cruise? Thank you for your responses.
  4. We are really looking forward to this cruise to Cuba and Grand Cayman! We are a family of 4: 2 adults, 2 kids (son 14 and daughter 9). We definitely love "traveling off the beaten path" and are always up for an adventure! Who else is booked for this trip?
  5. Anyone going on this cruise? I'm doing my first solo cruise and it would be nice to meet some people!
  6. We recently visited Nachi Cocom during a Empress stop in Cozumel. We disembarked and walked through the cruise port to the taxi stand and immediately took the 15-20 minute $17 US drive south to the day resort. The cost was $55 per person with an $11 per person deposit. We received a confirmation upon booking which we printed out and took to the resort. Our driver dropped us off at the entrance and we were warmly greeted by the staff member who took our picture and briefed us on the process. We were then directed to the reception area in the restaurant where we paid the remaining balance and were introduced to our waiter for the day and taken to our palapa not far from the pool. We had two beach chairs, and the option to buy some extras. We chose the floating beach mat for $7 for the day. Later I purchased a massage in the nearby massage tent for a much more reasonable cost than on the ship we were sailing. The complimentary drinks were cold, delicious and plentiful. Our waiter, visited us often and took great care of us. Our ship was set to sail at 6:30, so we left a little before 4 in order to do some souvenir shopping in the port. To get a cab, all we needed to do was let our waiter know what time we wanted to leave, and he handled all the details. I left him a generous tip, told him we would be back and thanked him for the great service. I am certain there are other spots on Cozumel where once can have a great experience. We chose Nacho Cocom because of it's reputation as a quieter and more low key destination.
  7. Hello Everyone, So I'll be sailing in June for one of the Cuba cruises on the Empress and I wanted to see if anyone else has came back and has any advice or tips for when we get to the island. I'm very excited to know more about the shore excursions and hopefully we can get some reviews on those. If you've visited renectly, please let us know what you thought. We are planing the 4 hour walking tour so we can get some great photos hopefully. Sorry if this is a duplicate thread, I wasn't able to fine one similar. Thanks in advance!
  8. Has anyone had any luck deal with Royal Caribbean after all of the Empress of the Seas cancellations? We received a phone call 3 weeks before the cruise was supposed to leave telling us the cruise had been cancelled. We were offered $100 in shipboard credit and airline change fees IF we rebooked on another Royal Caribbean WITHIN 24 HOURS. It was as if WE had done something wrong!!! Because our trip involved multiple plane flights and multiple people this was impossible. We have taken many many RC cruises over the past 20 years and were, until this event, big fans. Unfortunately, our complaints have fallen on deaf ears. So at this point we have decided to move on to a new cruise line.
  9. I know there's lots of folks waiting with baited breath for the Empress to move out of dry dock and back onto the schedule, but as a first time cruiser with the Empress as our first experience I am hoping someone can answer a few questions: 1. Did they install (or did they have before) a movie screen at the pool for evening movie nights by the pool? 2. Do they show movies anywhere on the ship in case of rainy days at sea? We sail July18-23 and have two full sea days, and I am getting nervous that my older teens won't have enough to do. What do people do on a small ship like the Empress if it's raining or otherwise bad weather? I think I did see that they had ping pong and pool tables, will this still be the case? Obviously, the kids won't be drinking or gambling, ha ha. 3. I think I saw some place that the Cafe Lattetudes (sp?) has been removed, but is there another coffee shop that will be put in it's place? What is the difference between Cafe Lattetudes vs. a regular coffee shop? 4. Post renovation, what dining/lounge/hangout options will there be? I thought Windjammer Cafe and the Main Dining room were the same thing, but it seems like they are two separate places. Where options do you have for meals and snacks throughout the day? 5. I know they were supposed to install VOOM, but are there any public places where they will have internet access for free? If I bring a internet pack from my cell phone provider, will that work, or is it strictly VOOM package or nothing? Sorry for all the questions, I am just trying to figure out what we will be doing and if I may need to downplay expectations, I guess. Citymom Washington DC
  10. I was cruising through Cruise Industry News today and I found this little snippet concerning Pullmantur:
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