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Found 7 results

  1. Are there new requirements for unvaxed kiddos? We are traveling very soon- next weekend on the Odyssey. This morning I got an email saying to schedule my children’s pre-embarkation PCR covid test using reference number in the email I received. I got no email. Today spent 2 hours on the phone with no less than three agents (most of that time on hold) as they tried to figure out my reference number and exactly what needed to do. They had no idea this was happening until I attempted to explain. Does anyone here know what is up? I was able to schedule their test for day of embarkation. (Note this is not the 3 day prior PCR, that will be done at home, but rather a test that will be done at check in) Have to make an account with bio reference to view results which requires uploading their birth certificate and was told to arrive 30 minutes prior to my scheduled boarding time. Until TODAY, I heard nothing of this. And I had to call. Anyone else? If anyone has any insight please let me know. I thought I shouldn’t arrive early. I thought test prior to embarkation would be done as part of check in and that it was antigen not PCR. I’m a planner and this is throwing me for a loop. TIA
  2. What do you recommend to keep with you in your carry-on/personal bag vs. your larger "checked" luggage? I read that sometimes your checked bag doesn't get to your room until late, which means you may want something out of the bag to have with you as you walk around the ship. Obviously I will hold on to my electronics, medicine and documents. Should I keep a bathing suit or change of clothes with me? Thoughts?
  3. Hello everyone, I was on Mariner last week. It was a good cruise. I created a journal to share my experience. It was my first time on Royal, first time solo, 2nd cruise overall. Here is how Embarkation day went for me. https://www.traveldiariesapp.com/en/PublicDiary/2cb02767-7602-43ed-bf1f-cdbc9639f709/Chapter/1cbc9a77-5835-4447-a36d-c7b05d506f58 https://www.traveldiariesapp.com/en/PublicDiary/2cb02767-7602-43ed-bf1f-cdbc9639f709/Chapter/7a1e7edd-27d3-4e94-8913-8178ef228fdb Enjoy. William
  4. My adult daughter and a friend have decided to join us on an upcoming cruise from Sydney on Voyager of the Seas, but they will be arriving at the Port at different times due to being on different flights. As they are sharing a cabin, will they need to arrive at the Port and check-in together or can they check-in separately. Thanks
  5. Hi there! I'm going on Symphony of the Seas next month and my DH & I were contemplating whether or not we should each use airplane approved carry-on size suitcases or just the standard size checked luggage. We like the aspect of getting off the plane quickly and also being able to hold on to everything we'll need for the cruise BUT we also would like to explore the ship and take a dip in the pool on embarkation day without having to lug around our suitcases. In the event we do go the small carry-on sized suitcase (22") route, are we allowed to give it to the porters when we get to the ship? Or do they only take really large suitcases? Has anyone ever given the porters their carry-on sized suitcases? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello there, I was reading through a recent Cruise Compass as part of my research for my upcoming cruise on Mariner. I saw on Embarkation Day at about 2pm a presentation called "Get to Know the (ship name)". Has anyone ever been to this presentation for your sailing? What is covered during this presentation? Thanks. William
  7. I am thinking about our upcoming cruises and wondering what our embarkation day will be, once on the ship. Will definitely fill the rest of the dining package rezis, but after that. . . So, what are your traditional tasks/rounds that you make once on board?
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