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Found 2 results

  1. You veteran cruisers, do you book through RCI or a local travel agent or an online booking agency? This being my first time, I went through Cruises Only (online) and I don't know whether that was the best way to go. The cabin selection seemed awfully scarce for so far in advance.
  2. Hello it is me the newbie asking your help I read lots lots of posting tried to follow and undertands but I still have some questions I would like to undertand how to get C&A deals for balcony and Suite this is how I see it #1 only platimium and ++ are available to see deals from C&A on royalcaribbean.com is that correct? #2 when I will be platinium I need to LOG into royalcaribbean.com site then find and plan for a cruise date do like I was to book and the price deal for the balcony will appear the C&A better price is that how to do it? #3 and when I am not log on I see the royal normal price. is that how it works? #4 I read in one of the post that there was special deals reveal on thurdays nite for C&A member only and they can have before other members is that correct? #5 when I book with TA do I have to always mention to her or him that I am platinium or ++++ and to verify for a better deal with C&A ? thank you very much ?
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