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Found 2 results

  1. Has anyone had any issues with RC not calculating credits correctly? I have now booked a total of 4 cruises - 3 of which have canceled, and crossing my fingers we can go on the one in September. I have a whole spreadsheet of charges, credits, and refunds, all color coded to connect to each other so I can keep track of what was used and what wasn't. I have called multiple times to speak with a representative only to be on the phone for 2 hours going back and forth with multiple agents saying they can't see certain items, or that they need to transfer me to another department. I need to speak with an agent or supervisor who can see EVERYTHING. I have one cancelled cruise that is a group booking, I've got Onboard Credit certificates, regular cruises, so who or what department can I go to that can actually help me in one sitting? I'm so fed up!
  2. I am looking at the details of the lift and shift option and the cruise with confidence program Royal Caribbean offers. They were introduced in spring 2020 as incentives to book cruises in these pandemic times. According to the rules communicated back then, you can only take advantage of the lift and shift to switch to a cruise leaving on or before Apr 30, 2022 ; regarding using the future cruise credit, the deadline is the same Apr 30, 2022. Since we are already in 2021, this dealine is way to close to give anybody the confidence to book a cruise without worrying that they are loosing their money. It might have made sense at the beginning of 2020 when all this started to happen, but now it is not an incentive for people to book with confidence. I booked a Europe cruise on Oddyssey of the Seas back in Jun 2020 with a departure date on Apr 30, 2021. My final payment deadline is approaching and I do not feel confident to make this final payment as, in the case that the cruise will be cancelled, I will not be able to " lift and shift" or to use my future credit for a cruise in Europe before Apr 30, 2022 - the reason is simply because there are no cruises in Europe leaving before Apr 30, 2022. Royal Caribbean recently published their schedule for 2022 in Europe - Oddyssey is scheduled to arrive in Europe May 7, 2022. Same with other ships - it seems Royal Caribbean decided to start cruising in Europe only in May 2022 (unlike other years when they started in April .) I am really disappointed and do not know how to proceed.... I am also debating what to do with my down payment as this can only be used before the same deadline Apr 30, 2022. I feel that I am trapped and I was somehow tricked. Be warned!
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