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Found 11 results

  1. Our cruise next week will be the first time we use drink vouchers for diamond loyalty and coffee is our "cocktail". Can these be used at the Starbucks onboard, or is that a separate entity altogether? I use a Starbucks app - do you know if this can be used onboard for payment, points, etc?
  2. I purchased an excursion & at the same time purchased a Cafe Select Coffee Card for my husband. We decided to cancel the excursion & it looked like the coffee card was also cancelled because I couldn't see it anymore, so I booked it again. Now I see there are 2 booked for my husband, which I didn't think was possible, so I cancelled one of them. Most "add-ons" say "reserved" after you book them, but this one doesn't.
  3. Are little hotpots permitted in the cabins in case I want to heat water for a late night cup of tea or coffee? It's 12 years since we cruised on RC & there weren't any open coffee/tea stations in the evening like we always had on NCL.
  4. I drink a lot of coffee in the morning but don't want to spend the extra money for the beverage packages. I don't need special coffees. 1 - If I order room service for the complimentary continental breakfast, can they bring me a pot of coffee instead of a couple of cups worth? What other areas of the ship can I get coffee for free? Windjammer and MDR, I'm guessing. 2- Also what foods are included in the continental ?
  5. Can you bring the individual coffee flavored creamers with you on board? I had read that they have non dairy milk but I like the flavored creamers.
  6. Sneaking in under my hubby's name ? (he let me). Does anyone know what the non-dairy options are for coffee cream at Cafe Promenade or Starbucks on both Mariner and Navigator? I think there might be something like an almond milk, which is not the same as almond creamer. Can anyone shed any light on this? I love to enjoy a cup of coffee on vacation. I'll bring my own if I have to ?
  7. Hello Fellow Cruisers, I've purchased the refreshment drinks package for my coming trip on Explorer of the Seas and noted in the fine print that: "*All Beverage Packages exclude any beverages served inside licensed StarbucksĀ® stores.". So in an effort to find out more, I found Matt Hochberg's article about the refreshment package and it states that "Royal Caribbean defines "premium coffees" as cappuccinos, espressos, and lattes. Thus, espresso based drinks are included with the Royal Refreshment package at any restaurant, bar, or cafe that serves espresso beverages.". Which is great because I love my morning expresso... However further on it says that "On non-Oasis class ships, the Royal Refreshment package does include Illy or Starbucks beverages from locations like Cafe Promenade or Cafe Latte-Tudes.". To my understanding, Explorer of the Seas is a Voyager Class, so as an avid coffee drinker, can anyone tell me where/which cafe's I can utilise my refreshment package and get an expresso on Explorer of the Seas? Thanks! Koshie
  8. Am I the only coffee lover who is bitterly disappointed that the premium coffee you are entitled to on the card is only 1 shot strength? A Cappuccino in a cafe on land is 2 shots strength unless you ask for a single shot, this should be made clear when you purchase the card, not when you try your first order and told that 2 shots will be 2 coffees from your 15. You should not need to visit blog sites to find out exactly what you are buying , it should be absolutely clear at point of purchase.
  9. I realize it's subjective but is the regular brewed coffee good? I enjoy brewed, black coffee if it is dark and rich but I'll pay for the premium coffee package if the free stuff isn't great coffee.
  10. This sentence is in the description of the Cafe Select Coffe Card, "Or enjoy your favorite cup of joe any time you'd like and save up to 50% on individually purchased coffees". Does this mean that once I use up the pre-purchased coffees on the card I can continue to purchase coffees at a 50% discount?
  11. I'm not a complainer. I just got off Oasis and am still reveling. But my one complaint (well besides CATS needs to go) :-D Is that the regular coffee was soo watered down this year. I felt like the ship was trying to force us to spend money on Starbucks. Then I heard they switched off of Seattle's Best. Maybe that is the reason but we found except for very early morning coffee in the Cafe Promenade, the rest of the day it was watered down. I felt a bit ill, because I could not get my usual dose of caffeine a few times per day unless I went to Starbucks. Did anyone else notice that recently? Some folks in the cafe were down right angry.
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