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Found 7 results

  1. I am planning for my 50th birthday cruise which we have booked the Royal Loft on Oasis during the Jan 24th to Feb 1st, 2026 sailing. We have several friends traveling with us and I kinda would like to get a cabana while at CocoCay. I found that most cabanas will allow up to 8 people. However, I will have my 9-year-old daughter, and another couple will have a 9 yo and 5 yo. With my core group, we will have 8 people total. 5 adults and 3 children. While I am leaning towards a Coco Beach Club cabana or an overwater cabana, I just think the kids would have more fun (and maybe some of the adults) at thrill water park. However, I have been in a cabana there and they have a maximum capacity of 6. I know that in some cases, like the cabanas at South Beach, you can pay $100 for two extra people to bring the total to 10 people. I am wondering if this would hold true at Thrill Waterpark. While I am sure @Matt would say the food is totally worth it at the Coco Beach Club, and the adults will enjoy this area, I would at least like to see if we could squeeze in 8 people at the thrill waterpark. Has anyone had 8 people for a Thrill Waterpark cabana? If so, were there any issues?
  2. I’ve seen online and in this thread of people getting the Barefoot Beach cabanas for the following prices; Over the water cabana: $495 Hilltop cabana: $395 Beach front cabana: $395 Standard beach cabana: $295 However when I go to my planner they are in the thousands, my family that lives in another state going on the same ship different sail date shows different prices as well….. Anyone else heard or seen this ?? Also is barefoot beach still only available for suite guest? As anyone can purchase it from the planner
  3. Has anyone gotten push back from Royal when booking more than one cabana under the same reservation?
  4. We just got back from our cruise on Anthem this past Saturday and I wanted to give those interested e a little information on the Chill Island Cabanas because I couldn't find out much online before we left. - The cabanas are amazing but there are definitely some that are better than others. We specifically chose #14 which is at the end so we had less people around us....unfortunately, it had more birds! The rock wall on the right of the picture is where the seagulls hang out. - Next time, we would book book Cabana #9, #10 or #11. - Cabanas 8 through 14 are in the front row and 1 through 7 are in the back. - There are chairs on the left of the cabanas that are for suite guests and it is first come, first serve. - If you have access to the Chill Island Cabana area (rented a cabana or are in a suite), there is an upgraded lunch buffet. Our buffet had lamb chops, ribs, chicken, salmon, shrimp and scallop skewers, Maine lobster tails, hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, fruit, cookies, etc. A lot of food!! - There is no bathroom area in the cabana area but it isn't that far of a walk - The beach is roped off for the cabana area - The snorkeling right beyond the roped off area was really good. We saw hundreds of fish of all different types. If anyone has any questions, let me know!!
  5. We are sailing on Anthem over New Years and the cabana prices are pretty high for our sailing. Looks like I can grab South Beach for $799 vs $1299 for Oasis Lagoon or Thrill Waterpark Cabana. Chill Island showed up this morning, then disappeared again ? I think it was also $799. So, A) are cabanas even worth it? B) which ones are better? (we are more interested in hanging out away from little kids, our son is 14 and acts like he's 30 LOL). C) what else should I be thinking about as I decide this?
  6. Please delete or let me know if this doesn't belong here ? I learned here on these boards to continue checking prices for shore excursions in the cruise planner and what do you know! We saved $100 on the beach bed for Coco Cay sailing on Navigator this Friday the 13th. All Cabanas decreased in price quite a bit also to a much affordable range for me in case anyone is on that sailing.
  7. Today because of an email from RC I purchased $20.00 refreshment packages for my November 2019 sailing on the Harmony. (Thanks everyone for helping me make an educated decision for my fam) As I was researching my June 2020 sailing I saw available to book on my cruise planner a South Beach Cabana for $799.00 I went ahead and booked it quite honestly because it wasn't 1299.00 yet. May I inquire where is this South Beach area located? I looked at Matt's most up to date map and surmise they may be on the beach behind the over the water cabanas? Is this a correct guess? I'm just trying to picture their placement, would anyone be able to assist? Thanks so much in advance! Oops, I of course didn't research the cancellation policy for the cabana, is there one? Up to what point would RC refund my monies if for whatever reason we decide against it, being from Florida I watch the weather like a hawk. You guys are the BEST!!
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