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Found 1 result

  1. Looking for feedback from the experienced cruisers with kids here, as I'm seeing something really weird and can't tell if this is standard procedure or yet another web site glitch. Although if it's a glitch, it's certainly a good one! I logged in to my account on Royal so I could check the latest cruise planner offerings on my upcoming Anthem trip. I glanced up at the C&A status section, enjoying that nice new "Gold Status" indicator, and saw this... Wait... 16 points?? I didn't sail in a suite, I didn't sail solo, and I've only been on a single 8-night cruise. I clicked on the "Past Cruises" tab, since nothing else was giving me a breakdown of how I got to 16, and had this surprise... I can't imagine that this is on purpose. Yes, my girls are both minors and the payment for the room is in my name / on my credit card, but they are the ones who stayed in the room, the reservation was in their names, and they do have their own C&A numbers. I'm a little concerned that I somehow got all of the points and my wife and kids might have gotten none at all. And I don't see a way to check their C&A points / status to make sure they at least have the correct 8 points. Have any of you who have sailed with your kids also seen this on any of your past cruises? Or is this a "happy glitch" that I should just stay quiet about? Should I contact my TA and ask her to verify everyone's C&A status / points?
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