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Found 4 results

  1. I will be traveling with my family to Nassau on Oasis in June. For some reason we don't pull into Nassau until 1ish. I have heard that Blue Lagoon can get pretty busy in the summer. Considering we would be getting there so late in the day, will we be able to find any shade? Additionally will it be so packed as to not be enjoyable?
  2. It seems I was a bit slow to book the dolphin excursion I wanted to in Nassau. Only 2 spots left and we are 3. 1. Do you think they would let us get a third spot of I called? 2. If we book 2 dolphin and 1 stingray would we all get to be together for the rest of the day / transit besides the specific encounters?
  3. Hello My wife and I are booked on the 2/2/20 Explorer out of Miami and the first stop is at Nassau. I've bought the VIP beach day at Blue Lagoon as a placeholder excursion, but I'm really confused about the reviews I've read on both the island, and the VIP experience. I'm wondering if anyone has real world experience with the package. Ideally I want a quiet place to lay around and ensure that I'm in an advanced state of refreshment. The idea of an adults only area is appealing, but again, the reviews I've read have a disjointed nature to them that ranges from "the best thing ever" to "complete rip off". It also seems like different cruise lines have VIP access to different areas of the island, with the best section reserved for Carnival? At the same time, if folks know of a stellar beach day in Nassau, I'd gladly give you a virtual internet high five for the info. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all! My husband and I are going to Nassau on a RC cruise in March and we were wondering if it is better to go to Balmoral Island or Blue Lagoon? Pros and cons of both? Thanks!!
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