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Found 6 results

  1. Starting to plan an upcoming cruise in Allure. Sailing March 25th. I know that every bar has a specialty drink or two and I have a goal of trying them ALL. Does anyone have the list? Thx in advance.
  2. If we keep our noses clean until Wednesday our little band of misfits will be headed to Suite 1740, The Royal Loft on Allure this Saturday - the very place this Star Class nonsense began! Four years ago we sailed in this suite and experienced Star Class for the first time. I truly believe they put something in the endless parade of snacks and drinks that attacks whatever lobe of the brain might contain common sense. Because from that time forward our cruise planning goes something like this: “ Look, we can snag a great balcony room on an Oasis Class for a week for under $2500! Nah, let’s go ahead and fork out the $1.2 mil for the Royal Loft so we get free laundry!!” It’s a disease. And I’m not sure there’s a cure. This trip will be our core group of regulars: my bride Stacy who will be celebrating the end of 30 years of service as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse, daughter Taylor who will be celebrating birthday #23 and the end of her preschool teaching career, and daughter Kaitlyn who will be celebrating introducing her boyfriend to cruising Star Class. I think in last years blog from this same room I referred to her “new boyfriend” who didn’t make that trip. Now he’s THE boyfriend who will be joining us. Welcome aboard Victor! Rounding out the group is yours truly, Jim, who will be celebrating still waking up each morning! It’s important to note, as I’m sure I’ll refer to it later, that it was very doubtful that this cruise would actually take place. We booked it over a year and a half ago. Then in April of this year the one formerly known as Nurse Ratchet hatched the brilliant idea to buy a local market and convert it into a restaurant. So, with a partner, we purchased the property and the dream to build Just a Small Town Grill (thanks Journey) began. It was at that point we accepted the probability that opening a new restaurant and taking a cruise around the same time probably wouldn’t happen. We have spent nearly 5 months planning to cancel this one. But thanks to County Building officials it now appears that we can squeeze this one in while we wait for them to waddle through the governmental red tape and approve a Land Use Permit. I gripe daily about the hoops they are making us jump through but inside I’m a little grateful for their incompetence and other nonsense! I’ll write more tomorrow about our plans, travel, Genie Jay and other details. Hope you all come along for the ride!
  3. I tried to utilize my current FCC certificates in their entirety for my future sailings. I have a "chunky one" left over (about $2,500.00) and then I believe an additional one that will have about maybe $160.00 or so when I step off the sailing I assigned the majority of that FCC to. My time is pretty much maxed out as far as sailing goes with sailings in 2021. In order not to lose any of the credits do I have to go ahead and book two additional sailings by 12/21 for sailing by 04/22? Do you think maybe that date would be pushed out a bit? I offered my family to take the hit and do a sailing alone so as not to disturb what they have going on LOL but I received a resounding very loud NO! darn darn darn.... Thanks everyone, any thoughts would be appreciated maybe I missed something!
  4. Hi, We are doing a family cruise for Thanksgiving this year. First time cruise for everyone involved. It will be me and my 3 siblings, two brother in laws, my parents and 4 nieces (age 6, 4, and 1). Any tips people have would be great but really I am wondering about non-Royal Caribbean shore excursions. Are they hard to make and does anyone have a suggestion for what we should do? We stop in Philipsburg, St. Marteen, San Juan, PR and Labadee, Haiti. Not everything has to be kid centered so I'm looking for any and all possibilities. Thanks!
  5. Hello All, I will be on Allure of the Seas in February and I am very excited. I am calling it the Superbowl Cruise since it is during the Superbowl! Anyhow, for those of you who have been on Allure before, can you tell me how the food at the Windjammer is onboard? I have heard that the Windjammer on Allure is not that good. I cruised on Vision of the Seas this past May and I thought the Windjammer was pretty good... Hit and miss but overall good. Also, what speciality restaurants are not to be missed? We stuck to the main dining room and Windjammer on Vision and would like to branch out more this time. Thanks in advance!
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