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Found 6 results

  1. If flight schedule changes after final payment, am I on the hook for additional charges incurred by the rescheduling?? I booked flights at a good price (all on BA) through Air2Sea but I received a notification that Air2Sea will be in contact about rescheduling my flight (upto 30 days due to current level of enquiries). I can see through the BA website that one leg of my flights has been cancelled, but there are no realistic alternatives still with BA, and all alternate routings with different carriers are considerably more expensive
  2. Highly recommend avoiding Royal Caribbean's Air2Sea program! When researching cruises out of Venice, Italy, we found that Royal Caribbean leaves from a port approximately 3-hours South of Venice. Royal Caribbean recommended that we book our flights through Air2Sea and stay at a recommended hotel for a later transfer to the pier. We provided our preferred researched flights for which Air2Sea stated they could also book. Our flights had layovers of approximately 2 hours at each airport which would enable adequate time to get through airport security and controls both departing the US and return. Almost a month after booking, Air2Sea unilaterally changed our return flights through different airports with tighter connections of under 1.5 hours at each connecting airport. Upon notice, I called Air2Sea to inquire about the changes but they refused but also indicated that additional changes could occur before the departure date. The Air2Sea representatives have been absolutely no use in correcting our flight issues. They simply would give us their 'emergency' phone number if we miss our flights. Avoid at all cost!
  3. On this, my first cruise with Royal, I did flights through A2S. I know folks here prefer travel advisors and that's who I'm using on my booked second trip (Though even she said she likes A2S). Anyway, everything communication I get from A2S is perfect. However when I recently went to United Airline's website and put in our information, it combined everyone's first and middle names together. Example: Instead of Smith, John Quinten, on UA's website it would read Smith, Johnquinten. Is this the kind of thing I need to contact A2S over because it will cause a huge issue on the morning of our flight?
  4. We had the air2sea package so when American cancelled one of our flights home, I expected Royal Caribbean to help. Isn't the air2sea package supposed to make it easier? Not so. Guest services sent a cryptic letter that included the flight numbers and times but didn't even mention what airline. It also clearly put us overnight in Orlando but didn't mention any accommodations. I felt those were reasonable questions to ask at guest services (on Freedom of the Seas). I felt like I was treated as if I had no right to ask. Long story short, we did get a hotel but no meal vouchers (the hotel clerk told me if we had been on Carnival, we would have gotten meal vouchers). But RC failed to ticket our second flight out of Orlando. We were left stranded at the airport with no tickets! Thankfully, a Delta ticket agent was kind enough to help me find an emergency number for RC and after 20 minutes on hold, we got tickets on another flight but had an extremely stressful scramble to get the boarding passes and through security in time. Honestly, this was a bad enough experience that I won't be going with RC again.
  5. I rarely use the Royal Caribbean airfare system but I need to price some airfare and wonder....where the he*l is it now that they have the wonderful new and improved website ?
  6. Just wondering if anyone's had any luck booking airfare with the Air2Sea website? Seems like it's hit or miss... figure it can't be a bad thing to book air travel through the cruise line so it's all linked up with your reservations, etc...Thoughts?
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