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Found 8 results

  1. My partner and I were planning to bring 2 bottles of red with us for our 7 night cruise. However, 2 bottles will typically last us three, maybe four dinners. Since we will be having 7 dinners (and perhaps wine with a lunch or two), we have been wondering which would be more cost effective: ordering a bottle at a meal (I cannot find the prices for bottles of wine served in dinning rooms on Oasis of the Seas) or doing one of those gift things and having the wine delivered to the room as a gift, purchased from RCI. Second question though, if we do order a bottle of wine before boarding
  2. I took this from @twangster's post from December and was wondering about 1101. Do you have to get the "free" one at the same time? Or is it credited to your account? And it says bars only so that means I cannot get it from CK on Anthem right?
  3. This will be our first RC cruise. We are going on the Vision of the Seas as part of a large group. I've been trying to figure out the food situation on the ship as to whats free and what times you can eat. On carnival you could eat buffets almost anytime it seems. I purchased a Deluxe Package but i was wondering What beers are available? Im more into craft beers or something with more flavor than budlight. Also when we bring our 2 bottles of wine do we get to keep them in the rooms? Thanks
  4. I've been trying to find this answer online, and found competing answers. Matt mentioned it briefly on Periscope today--but I couldn't tell exactly what he was referring to. Is Vintages part of the drink package, or no? I know the flights are over the cost, but do you just have to pay the balance or all of it? Can you get glasses of wine at Vintages on your drink packages? (This is what I wasn't clear on, on the Periscope, as he was pointing to the wine machines.) We love wine, and I would love to hang out there, but if it's not covered at all then it's a no go. And the fact that it is
  5. My family will be cruising on the Harmony of the Seas in a couple of weeks and we are currently signed up for the Premium beverage package. My wife and I are wine drinkers and I was told that with the Premium package we can get any wine by the glass up to $14. Does anyone know if the Ultimate package offers a higher limit? And if we stay with the premium and order a $17 glass of wine, do we pay $17 or do we get a credit for the $14 and just pay $3? I called RC and spoke with someone that wasn't able to answer that question. Thought I would try here. Thanks in advance!
  6. Anyone have experience bringing wine on a B2B? We are 12 days away from Harmony and are doing her first two sailings B2B. We have the same two cabins for both sailings, so technically can bring 8 bottles between the two trips, and are wondering how they will handle this at check in...Has anyone gone thru this? I know it is likely to all depend on the local pier employees, but they should be following some sort of guidance.
  7. Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well! I wanted to go ahead and share my experience with the premium package, I notice it is a question brought up by many and before my most recent trip I also had a few concerns! I hope to clarify a few things for everyone. This is of course my opinion on the topic. In my opinion the package is worth it.... 1. if you don't plan on spending too much time with excursions 2. it is your second time cruising! 3. You have OBC 4. You enjoy drinking and can see yourself having a minimum of 5 spirits a day 5. Enjoy trying new drinks, beers, wines. 6. Short
  8. We will be flying to Galveston for our October sailing on the Navigator of the Seas. Does anyone have any experience with packing wine? I would like to bring the allowed 2 bottles, with one being a Prosecco (a dry sparkling dry white wine). Is it safe to pack these items in checked luggage wiht the change in air pressure? Last thing I would like is to have a bottle explode in flight and soak my clothes.
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