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Found 1 result

  1. I am sailing on the Empress on April 11 (5 days, Cozumel and Costa Maya). I am an obsessed researcher so I check the website numerous times throughout the day to see what rooms are still available and if prices are fluctuating, etc. So I have been keeping a very close eye on the status of my Empress sailing. Suddenly, earlier this week, the status for the first 4 cruises out of drydock (of which mine is one...the last of the 4, I believe) are showing a Sold Out status. I find this VERY hard to believe (for my sailing, at least) given the fact that, consistently there have been many, many cabins still available, particularly in the "JR SUITE" category, [which really looks more like a standard balcony on any other ship]. I do concede that the inside rooms had been nearly sold out for some time and all of the Owner's Suites have been sold, but there were still MANY oceanview and balcony (JR STE) still available before they miraculously sold out the entire ship. This is making me very nervous about the refurb. My gut tells me that they aren't ready yet and that they have CUT OFF the remaining unsold cabins b/c they are either going to : (1) cancel some or all of these sailings or (2) they are going to be working, to some degree, during these sailings and they're going to minimize the impact to whomever is already booked on these sailings. They have been even quieter than normal about what is going on with Empress. I believe the refurb is supposed to have been completed by now...but I haven't heard a single peep about whether that is the case, or what they did...or any kind of grand announcement, welcoming Empress back to the fleet. Nothing, nada, el-quieto. I'm getting a bad feeling....
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