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Found 17 results

  1. One more week we'll be on Navigator for our first cruise. I've already made MTD reservation at MDR for the last night, hopefully to catch the farewell performance. As first time cruisers, my mom and I would be thrilled to experience it. But as I was doing research online, I saw someone mentioned some cruises stop doing it already coz people really hate it and find it annoying and awkward. Does anyone know whether MDR staff on Navigator still do farewell performance on the last night? If they do, what time the performance will take place? Does 8 pm reservation sound good? Thank
  2. I put together a 49 second video showing several meals eaten onboard Rhapsody of the Seas last week. There are a few bites that were eaten on land, but the majority of food was consumed on the ship. Enjoy! IMG_0583.MOV
  3. Hi, was just wondering what folks' preference when it comes to dining time are. We are currently signed up for 8:30 seating, which is fine, as I think it gives us time to leisurely come back from port and change, and also watch some of the earlier shows. We're debating between 8:30 and 6 pm, because if we do 6 pm seating, then I can go do WJ afterwards for more desserts lol. I hear they have awesome dessert spread every night. But I'm concerned that port visits will feel rushed if we do that. What about MTD, what are the pros and cons of doing so?
  4. I tried searching but couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I have read somewhere that MDR is open for breakfast, and that it's also open seating. 1. Is it buffer, or is it served? 2. Is the food same as WJ offering, or is there a different menu? 3. What's the dresscode for breakfast at the MDR? Does it have a "high end breakfast vibe" and therefore you should dress up a bit, or people just show up in whatever (shorts and t-shirts)? 4. For you personally, what would make you eat breakfast in the MDR, versus WJ, versus room service (provided that you're only ordering
  5. As I sit here an look at cruise videos instead of working I was wondering which one is used for MTD.
  6. I'm sailing on Allure in April. I requested a table near the window and now have the number. Is there a MDR layout available with table numbering so I could see where it is? I would like to make sure it's not right on top of a serving station.
  7. Just returned from 7 day Liberty from Galveston and wanted to comment on the food. My family of 4 (Wife, 16 year old boy and girl) did the 5 day dining plan and went to Chops 3 nights and Giovanni's 2 nights. MDR 2 nights Awesome: Chops - our waiter Jiri was just outstanding. We went to Chops the 1st night of the cruise and his service was impeccable. We requested him on our 2 other visits and he was a shining star! The food was excellent! from the salads right to the deserts. on the last formal night (lobster night) they made sure to let us know ahead of time that they would h
  8. Do they offer steak every night in the main dining room? Im a bit of a Steak man lol Also how do i do my time for dining room? Also how is the lunch in main dining room?
  9. Hi all These are probably very stupid questions to many of you so laugh if you must! If there is a link to a previous/existing topic please share. Looking at the Ovation deck plan, I can see what appear to be 4 large dining rooms (Silk, American Icon, Grande and Chic). I have found Youtube videos for each so my understanding is these are the MDRs. Please tell me if I am wrong! The questions... 1 - Do you get allocated one of these as your MDR for duration of the cruise or can you choose? 2 - Can you change your choice each night? 3 - Does the formal night apply to
  10. My husband and I are going on our very first cruise ever to celebrate our 5 yr anniversary in September. We'll be on the 3 night itinerary on Enchantment of the Seas. Day 1/Night 1 is our actual anniversary - is it a good idea to dine (and splurge a bit) at Chops or should we dine in MDR?
  11. We are cruising to Cuba next month. Since Empress is a tiny little lady we've been reading as much as possible from other folks who have sailed on her recently. Question. I saw on the RCI website that Empress offers "free Sunday brunch" everyday? Where is this onboard each day? Also, it stated that breakfast, lunch, and dinner was complimentary/free in the MDR? Is that true? See below: Enjoy complimentary multi-course dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Main Dining room. Choose to dine in our pre-determined seating or at your own time. Sunday Brunch every day with a complimen
  12. I'm currently booked for the early time slot (5:30 PM), which means that on most shore days my dining time is going to be before the ship is leaving port (6 PM departure from St. Kitts, 5 PM from St. Maarten, 9 PM from San Juan, and 5 PM from Labadee). How does the ship's departure time compare to when we actually need to be back on the ship ("all aboard" time)? Will I typically be back early enough that making it to the 5:30 dinner won't generally be an issue? I remember someone on another thread I posted saying that with a 5:30 time slot, I'd actually need to be on line around 5:00, so I
  13. As I understand it, they offer different 'themes' in the MDR. My questions are: 1) Is every night a different 'theme'? 2) What themes can I expect on a 14 night Med Navigator cruise? Will they 'recycle' themes ie Italian nights on both weeks. I LOVE food and I'm trying to decide if/how much specialty dining to book but I don't want to miss anything tasty that I don't have to pay extra for! TIA
  14. Morning guys and gals! Cin and I traveled BOTS Jan 7-11, 2016. Wonderful "first" time cruise. We traveled with 10 other guests, all with "my time dining". When we all arrived at the MDR, we were asked if we would like to sit together. Reply was yes, if possible. Within 4 minutes, we were escorted to the far back corner of the upper level MDR (they knew we were trouble, lol). When we got to the table, it was only set for 10 guests. 2 of our party offered to sit close by, but there was no way the head waiter was going to allow that. She said, NO! and in less than a minute there
  15. Hi Friends. Seems like I know some of you guys. Newbie here. First Cruise Jan 7th out of Tampa to see if the better half can handle the movement of the boat. I truely hope she can as we would like to take a longer voyage. (she already has her 'patches'). I've done some homework, but cannot find Menu's for Briliance 2016. Particularly our Jan. 7th-11th timeframe. Is there someplace I'm overlooking to find the MDR Menu's for that trip? Really appreciate all the good info you all come up with. I'd like to think that "one day", I'll have the experience to help answer some of
  16. We dont like dress up during our vacations so we are skipping the MDR on formal nights. Is it an option to visit one of the specialty restaurants on those nights? What is the dress code for those restaurants? What is acceptable; collared shirt (oxford) and polo shirts, khakis or slacks? We will be cruising on the Jewel of the Seas. Thank you for your help.
  17. My wife always gets annoyed when she sees people in MDR wearing shorts. Does it bother anyone else?
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