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Found 8 results

  1. Gonna try giving this a shot even though I've never done a live blog before. Please take it easy on me ?
  2. I’ve heard it said that the two longest weeks in cruising are the one just before you sail and the one right after you come home. I can’t remember which is supposed to be worse than the other, but right now, 10 days out, is pretty rough. I have a cruise crush who only sails solo, and only on another line, but he writes the best live blogs and I wait for them like I was the one cruising. I’m going to try to ease my impatience by following his example and start a pre-cruise live review. February of last year, my sister and I took our first cruise together. It was a first cruise for both of us, and I think we weren’t quite sure what we thought of it. I liked about 90% of the ship we sailed on, but was fairly annoyed by the other 10%. I decided that I could enjoy the heck out of any cruise if I had the right companion, or barring that, if I had easy access to the outdoors. I discovered that I need a lot more time on deck than my sister, or for that matter, my husband, with whom I took my second cruise last October. So I was surprised when the sister asked where we were cruising next. After I informed her that pretty much all ships go to Cozumel, at least out of Galveston, I told her that if she was serious, I thought I could put together a cruise we could both enjoy. One of the things on her wish list was a shorter cruise. We’d sailed on a 5-day itinerary, and by the end she was feeling impatient to return to her grandkids and her routines. A 4-day on Enchantment of the Seas looked like a winner. To be continued ...
  3. Friends, Took your advice ; at the Port by 1000hrs, we were checked in by a roving RCCL rep & were on the ship within minutes of arriving in the upstairs lounge. This sailing was packed, families everywhere as it was Thanksgiving week & all the kiddos were off but besides day 1 and that horrible drill with movie, the only time we felt the numbers were if we needed elevators, we used the stairs a lot. Side note we all showed up for the drill, suffered in silence standing with hundreds of our closest sailing friends in customer service area and then received a letter scolding us for not showing up and advising we needed to go again ( we didn't) the girl scanning our WOW bands was over whelmed & I think missed a band but I told them to check the camera we were there. The sailing was wonderful we spent a great deal of time on our balcony in peaceful serenity. Fantastic stateroom host, room as stated. Deck 11 we thought would be quiet inside but no, doorbell ringing was constant and the family above us were quite noisy, dragging the chairs in the "kitchen" across the floor and jumping I assume off the furniture (kids I hope) at all hours but it was their vacation too, so we just endured it vowing to stay on 17 if sailing this class again. We really LOVED all of your ideas & suggestions so again Thank you so much! Wind Jammer too crowded never stayed Coastal Kitchen wonderful Room service okay Solarium Bistro we enjoyed frequently Izumi Hibachi too loud, too many people @ table food okay would not go back World dessert delivered to CK Night 6 upon request, very nice MDR never experienced Columbus enjoyed Grease, not so much Tony Tillman headliner entertaining 1887 & ISkate okay Fine Line amazing! CD Mike (BING BONG) enjoyable Chris AD not so much, complained about his job a lot, why do it then very off putting Again, we are so appreciative for all of your suggestions, you guys are just fantastic!! Enjoy a Wonderful Holiday Season & many sailings to come! Denise
  4. Hello all. My wife and I are taking our first cruise. Late bloomers so to speak. Both in early 60's. We are going with a few other family members. Sailing on Dec. 30th for 11 days in the Southern Caribbean aboard Serenade of the Seas. We have a large balcony room. I have read on blogs that your first cruise should be a short one to make sure it is something we like. That didn't happen. Anyone go on the New Years cruise? What can we expect? We are very active and like to have a good time in everything we do. Thank you for any advise you care to share.
  5. We have previously only sailed Disney because we were just used to it & once familiar so easy. I'm reaching out to fellow cruisers who have sailed both Disney & RC. Our daughter is 13 and of course grew up in the Oceaneers & Edge. Is there something comparable to the youth activities area's on the Harmony? Do we have to register ahead of time? We are simply bored at Disney right now & wanted to take the plunge on another line, we always heard RC spoken about on the Disney ships. Input on anything would be so appreciated, I want to relax but for me that means minimal surprises. As always thank you everyone in advance for your help.
  6. I'm taking my friend for his first cruise this coming May on Adventure. Unfortunately he has HSP (hereditary spastic paraplegia) and requires at times his scooter to get around. Even though we booked the cruise well in advance, there were no accessory rooms available ?. I don't think it will be a big deal as he doesn't need it in the room to get around, only when we go out perusing about the ship or at the ports. Plus, our TA informed us that the crew can take the scooter and park / charge it overnight in a specified area and have it back at our cabin the next morning. I know that this topic has been broached before, but if someone had booked an accessible cabin and they aren't handicapped, doesn't RC have an obligation to transfer them to another cabin and the accessible cabin given to the people who really need it? Granted as I previously remarked, he doesn't need it in the cabin so I don't think it will make or break his experience. Also, any tips you can offer would be great as this will be the first time I'm cruising with someone who has mobility issues
  7. Hi everyone, I think I've made a mistake by researching a little *too much*, you find out info, but then you keep digging and get all the bad too! I totally understand that you can't please everyone and every cruise/port/ship/company is going to have those comments of unhappy people, but something I'm concerned about is excursions by myself with my kids. I've read a couple places that say Jamaica is dangerous and so are other ports of call. I was wanting to do some structured excursions (looking at the horseback riding in Jamaica and possibly something in Cozumel) and I for SURE am not going to roam around anywhere on our own, but wondered if anyone could share some advice? I want my kids to see some interesting things and experience different cultures, but I definitely don't want them to be in danger!! Thanks for any advice :-)
  8. Greetings! Huge multi-family get together booked on Allure of the Seas for an Eastern Caribbean fun time 04/23/17-04/30/17. Please bear with me as some of these questions might be redundant to past posts. I have scoured this site and read as much as I could and am grateful for the assistance thus far. Here are my questions... 1. I did sign up to be a Crown Member (I see future cruises on the horizon) should I wait to get on board to see if there is a bigger discount for the deluxe drink package? Right now there is the usual 20% and the currently advertised Sip and Stream (which is a great bundle) but I am holding out for a 30% discount. I have a group of 10 confirmed and possibly another 10 to join in the next two weeks. Is there a group discount? 2. How are you chosen to get an upgraded room and when do you find out? One of my sister and I have booked larger interior rooms while the other one (more fancy one) has a balcony room. We did link our reservations together and hopefully can all get on the same deck but as of today's post we are all on separate decks since we book own our own. Do I just call RCI to see if they can get us together? 3. I would like to book excursions on my own and not through RCI. A co-worker who has cruised in the past says to just wait to dock and there should be many tours trying to make a sale but I am a planner and need to know who is meeting me and what my plan is for the day. IS IT better to wait to port or find a guide in advance. 4. Is it recommended to get day passes for resorts in St. Thomas and St. Maarten? Are there not free public beaches? I have looked on resortsforaday.com and feel $100/person for a few hours is not worth it. 5. The Nassau 7am-2pm stop is relatively short. Is it possible to get a city tour and beach time in? Please share your Nassau tour guide info. 6. Looking for a tour guide recommendation in both St. Thomas and St. Maarten as well. Would like to see the cities and log in some beach time for both stops. I understand I can't do everything but would like to try to do as much as possible. That's all for now. Nevertheless, I am sure with less than 60 days to go, I will have additional questions. I AM SO EXCITED!!! Thank you all in advance for your responses!
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