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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, Can somebody explain to me the sushi / hibachi situation? Everywhere I've read izumi is not included, but this is looking like it could be in some way? Is the 35 dollars instead of the second restaurant? Or is it an additional perk?
  2. We are booked on Oasis and Harmony in Crown Loft Suites, after our Radiance sailing this summer. Question on Coastal Kitchen: What to wear?! Can we wear jeans and a polo or crops and a polo? May forgo the Unlimited Dining package we purchased and go for the 3 night dining package, plus the Izumi hibachi, and spend the balance at CK. What are your opinions of adding Solarium Bistro into the mix? @Lovetocruise2002
  3. Pull the trigger today on the Ultimate Dining Package $199/pp 7 nights or wait until tomorrow for the Unlimited Dining Package?
  4. My Cruise will be on November 17 - November 25 with Anthem of the Seas. I booked late so I cannot reserve i-fly and North star and also no dining package available to reserve online because of a holiday sailing. My questions are 1. Does Royal IQ apps work right away once I get onboard? So I can reserve i-fly and North Star. 2. Better to wait in line at Beleros to reserve i-fly and North Star or use Royal IQ apps. 3. Does any dining package offer during a holiday sailing? 4. For anyone that did yoga classes. Do they good and worth the money? I might have more question later but these what I can think of for now. Any suggestion for sailing Anthem OTC welcome because it is the first time I will be on her. TY in advance
  5. I’m sure this has most likely been asked before so I apologise in advance. I have purchased the ultimate dining package for my Oasis cruise later this month and wanted to ask about Izumi Hibachi. I’m sure I read somewhere that it wasn’t covered by the package but I wanted to know if the $35 credit would be applied against the cover charge or is it simply a case of the full charge being applied to my seapass account? many thanks in advance!
  6. I see you have to book either Day 1or Day 2 for a dining package. How strict is that? Can I go ahead and let the system schedule me online, then change it once onboard or? Thanks- Zack
  7. Howdy folks!! For out Harmony cruise next week I ordered the 3 night dining package. I understand that night one (or 2) is picked for us and we pick the 2 subsequent nights. The system seems convoluted when ordering and appears there are no reservation available. Do I make our two subsequent reservations on the Planner, or can I just make them on day one once onboard?? Thanks Mike T
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