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  1. It's going to happen. I'm not sure of a full blown outbreak, but at least somebody on a cruise contracting Covid. It's already happened on land. What about the NY Yankees a couple of weeks ago? Like 6-8 players who had been fully vaccinated came down with it. Did the general public and news media "freak out" and demand that all baseball games be suspended? Of course they didn't. How will the general public react and what will the cruise industry do is the next question. I hope they have a plan in place because the day is coming.
  2. You bring up a good point that it's usually local laws and has nothing to do with RCG per se, except they are doing their part in enforcing local laws and regulations.
  3. Maybe you've gotten lucky I guess.
  4. Bringing food off of the ship is a big no-no. Some ports even employ dogs to sniff out "food smugglers."
  5. Every time you are on a cruise! Happy Cruising!
  6. Not sure about the exact details but RC will be providing free shuttle service, at least this year from Marco Polo airport to and from Ravenna. We will be flying in 2 days early to take in Venice. To save time on the return flight, we are flying out of Bologna, which is only an hour drive from Ravenna. Price was about the same. Happy Cruising!
  7. I've already filled out our renewal forms, just waiting for my wife to be ready to go get new photos. I've already factored in the extra month! ?
  8. Now you've done it. There's no turning back. You'll be hooked! Happy Cruising!
  9. A man was walking in the woods and found a mushroom. That's the morel of the story.
  10. I don't trust mermaids. There's something fishy about them.
  11. Why did the snail cross the road? We're not sure. We're still waiting.
  12. What did the football say to his therapist? I feel empty inside.
  13. All rats are equal. But some rats are more equal than others. Sound familiar?
  14. What do you call a signing computer? A-Dell
  15. I don't think they would, but all I'm saying is they have the right to. And you have the right not to choose them.
  16. Agreed. If you don't like a business that has a mask policy, don't frequent them if you don't like their policy. It's your right not to wear a mask and it's their right not to provide a service to you. I think that second part has been forgotten the last year. I'm keenly aware of that, as someone who works with the public and has been called names, sworn at and had things thrown at me, because I was doing what my company pays me to do. Manage and uphold company policies.
  17. The same here in Illinois. The second statement is where it gets tricky as individual businesses can still mandate their own rules. Some will now choose to add no masks to no shirts, no shoes, no service.
  18. Let's all hope that is the case, but we are talking about a government agency. If they don't make themselves important and relevant, who will?
  19. What's a gardeners favorite crime show? Lawn and Order
  20. And the protocols that come out a month from now will probably be different than 5 months from now. It's going to be ever changing for who knows how long. Happy Cruising!
  21. Whatever works at this point.
  22. It's never the wrong time to do the right thing.
  23. @4ensicWe'll leave her in good shape for you. We'll be on her for the first time in Oct in the Greek Isles. Happy Cruising!
  24. Took my oldest to Toy Story on Ice 24yrs ago. That was enough. ? I would definitely watch another on a cruise though!
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