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  1. I see the RCL stock price is down about 2% on news of your cancellations... ?
  2. I echo that. On Monday I was generally positive. Today (Friday), that positivity has disappeared and has been replaced with the opposite. The deal breakers, all the black Friday, extended to the weekend and then cyber Monday deals...only to outright cancel the cruises a day or two later they were advertising sales for. The continual marketing to buy-buy-buy only to announce more cancelations and say 'we don't know when' followed by more buy-buy-buy marketing...not a place I want to keep our money waiting. We'll look at coming back when there are green lights across the board.
  3. They need more time. Understandable. So... Each ship must conduct successful test cruise(s) Each ship must apply for and receive 'conditional authorization', this application will take --> at least <-- 60 days (aka minimum) If a test cruise embarked by -- lets say December 13th (which could theoretically happen...I guess) They are not going to run test sailings on all ships day 1, they will work out the kinks on one or two and then expand what works to other ships They have to do this for how many (?) ships leaving US ports If all goes well on a test cruise and everything else lines up perfectly... ...then, and only then, a March 1st sailing could take place...with all passengers there and ready to go. A couple of bumps and kinks to work out, process re-working, new test cruises and who knows what with the CDC...can be expected. While miracles do occasionally happen, I think expecting March 1st embarkations out of the US is now unrealistic given the time they need to meet the CDC requirements. Barring some sort of surprise intervention, I think this is just 'this round' of cancellations. If all goes as can reasonably be expected, it will be only a couple of ships to start and maybe May 1st. A few extra glitches and it will be June/July. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ After thinking a little more -- with the vaccines on the horizon...why bother going through the massive expense and anguish of trying to meet the CDC rules...risking a case or two and shutting down? Why not just wait a few months more and require all crew and passengers to have proof of vaccination? Problem solved (so to speak), carry on as they were and they can probably tell the CDC where to stick their list.
  4. You're not the only one. ? They will have plan B, C, etc. They're just talking about all the options behind their closed doors and not telling us ? what they are looking at. RCI hasn't announced cancellations to the degree other cruise lines have...could be a very good reason behind that. ?
  5. Dunno...maybe it has something to do with where I am searching from.
  6. Certainly some inconsistent things being seen... We have B2B booked on the FOS out of San Juan Feb 21 and Feb 28 (2021). Both 7 nights each. Both show on our Upcoming Cruises listing. However, in using the 'Find a Cruise' tool on the RCL website, the Feb 21 sailing is listed as available to book, but the Feb 28 sailing is not listed at all. All other sailings before and after are there. Maybe it's full, who knows.
  7. You came to the right place. You're going to need a bigger inbox...
  8. Learned some things from our bio-tech lab chemists today... The Pfizer vaccine has shipping and storage requirements due to stability challenges. Apparently, shipping and storage requirements are...-80 deg C. The vaccine deteriorates rapidly if not stored at or below that temperature. Not the end of the world obviously, but will certainly present some logistical hurdles.
  9. Which leads to a thought... While I am no expert on bankruptcy laws in various countries, I do understand that a consumer's deposit on an unfulfilled service/product can turn the consumer into a creditor in the event of bankruptcy proceedings and possibly result in the deposit(s) becoming discharged debt. Restricted sailings, reduced capacity, unsuccessful trial cruises, and etc. and etc. can only go on for so long. I have to wonder...where is the line where RCL (or any cruise line) is better off from their business point of view to declare some sort of level of bankruptcy? Personally, we will be pulling the full refund trigger if the time/cancellation comes.
  10. They're working on deploying the rapid test at CDN airports for arrivals to avoid the 14 day quarantine if they test negative. I believe the first deployment is Calgary...haven't seen a schedule after that.
  11. Many are stuck, yes. Some choosing not to go and those who would usually drive (with vehicle, belongings, etc.) can't cross. There are stories of people who have a summer place/cottage here that are not winterized. They are having challenges finding alternative accommodations for the winter.
  12. It's the specification of land crossing. We don't get it either, but it has been looked at and the questions asked. Here's a couple of news articles: https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/canada-u-s-border-closure-fly-travel-covid-19-1.5754763 https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/why-can-canadians-still-fly-to-the-u-s-it-s-not-up-to-canada-1.5107317
  13. Not widely known, only land crossings are restricted to essential travel. Canadians can still fly to the US (and vise versa). Link below, second paragraph under Content. https://help.cbp.gov/s/article/Article-1596?language=en_US#:~:text=On March 21%2C 2020%2C the,EDT on November 21%2C 2020. There is no restriction to leave Canada. Canadian citizens and landed immigrants can certainly return to Canada, upon which they must quarantine for 14 days, etc. Our government choses to be 'less specific' aboot it.
  14. Thanks for sharing! Maybe you could go back and sign up as crew?? ??
  15. Took a minute to click on that one...LOL!! ? ?
  16. Ummmm...did you edit out the 'twangster' watermark from that picture? ?
  17. Ding! Ding! We don't have any interest to get on a cruise ship as transportation to a land resort. Not our personal interest when it comes to cruising. Other's mileage may vary. I think in general...reduced capacity (for the foreseeable future) will result in reduced numbers @ CocoCay in comparison to their original plan...unless they start pushing more ships and/or capacity there.
  18. I'm not seeing it as less cruising out of SJU as much as RCL trying to jam as many people as possible to CocoCay.
  19. Our Freedom cruises booked for end of February and beginning of March in 2021...same cruises in 2022 are +60% in cost.
  20. And Arlington Stadium is chock-loaded with fans in the stands for the NLCS. No probe.
  21. Norway will be a Radiance class ship. Certainly fewer things for teens to do in comparison to larger ships. And you're getting into 'Arctic Circle' zone. You might also be too close to the bow thrusters...no CK. ? Teens in July...I would go with the Greek Isles. No teens...Norway.
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