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  1. Certainly some inconsistent things being seen...

    We have B2B booked on the FOS out of San Juan Feb 21 and Feb 28 (2021). Both 7 nights each.

    Both show on our Upcoming Cruises listing.

    However, in using the 'Find a Cruise' tool on the RCL website, the Feb 21 sailing is listed as available to book, but the Feb 28 sailing is not listed at all. All other sailings before and after are there.

    Maybe it's full, who knows.

  2. Learned some things from our bio-tech lab chemists today...

    The Pfizer vaccine has shipping and storage requirements due to stability challenges. Apparently, shipping and storage requirements are...-80 deg C.

    The vaccine deteriorates rapidly if not stored at or below that temperature. Not the end of the world obviously, but will certainly present some logistical hurdles.

  3. Which leads to a thought...

    While I am no expert on bankruptcy laws in various countries, I do understand that a consumer's deposit on an unfulfilled service/product can turn the consumer into a creditor in the event of bankruptcy proceedings and possibly result in the deposit(s) becoming discharged debt.

    Restricted sailings, reduced capacity, unsuccessful trial cruises, and etc. and etc. can only go on for so long.

    I have to wonder...where is the line where RCL (or any cruise line) is better off from their business point of view to declare some sort of level of bankruptcy?

    Personally, we will be pulling the full refund trigger if the time/cancellation comes.

  4. 1 hour ago, Marlena said:

    The border is open if you fly actually. I know people who have went to the states during this time. HOWEVER,  they had to quarantine for 14 days after.  If you work from home thats easy. But if not its difficult.

    They're working on deploying the rapid test at CDN airports for arrivals to avoid the 14 day quarantine if they test negative. I believe the first deployment is Calgary...haven't seen a schedule after that.

  5. 38 minutes ago, SandyW said:

    Are then all the snowbirds stuck in Canada for the winter?

    Many are stuck, yes. Some choosing not to go and those who would usually drive (with vehicle, belongings, etc.) can't cross.

    There are stories of people who have a summer place/cottage here that are not winterized. They are having challenges finding alternative accommodations for the winter.

  6. 6 hours ago, twangster said:

    This link doesn't say Canadians are free to enter the U.S.  

    It's the specification of land crossing. We don't get it either, but it has been looked at and the questions asked. Here's a couple of news articles:




  7. 5 hours ago, twangster said:

    At the moment the U.S./Canada border is closed to leisure travel. 

    Not widely known, only land crossings are restricted to essential travel. Canadians can still fly to the US (and vise versa).

    Link below, second paragraph under Content.

    https://help.cbp.gov/s/article/Article-1596?language=en_US#:~:text=On March 21%2C 2020%2C the,EDT on November 21%2C 2020.

    There is no restriction to leave Canada. Canadian citizens and landed immigrants can certainly return to Canada, upon which they must quarantine for 14 days, etc.

    Our government choses to be 'less specific' aboot it.

  8. 8 minutes ago, RCVoyager said:

    I agree with others that not everyone is all that interested in CocoCay.

    Ding! Ding! We don't have any interest to get on a cruise ship as transportation to a land resort. Not our personal interest when it comes to cruising. Other's mileage may vary.

    I think in general...reduced capacity (for the foreseeable future) will result in reduced numbers @ CocoCay in comparison to their original plan...unless they start pushing more ships and/or capacity there.

  9. 17 hours ago, Snowchaser said:

    I think it is for two reasons, first trying to limit capacity in case ships are permitted to sail but at limited capacity.  Second would be they are taking advantage of all the 125% credits by raising prices and pushing back credits to later sailings.

    I have a April trip booked on Freedom and it is more than doubled now, we rebooked not long ago (balcony 2 kids, 2adults) for $2100, current price is right at $4600!  Fingers crossed it isn't canceled.

    Our Freedom cruises booked for end of February and beginning of March in 2021...same cruises in 2022 are +60% in cost.

  10. 1 hour ago, Geoff P said:

     Is there really a “bad” balcony room on a ship like Freedom?  They’re all ocean view right?

    Depends if you just want the option to go outside from your stateroom or you want a balcony for the purposes of having a spectacular view.

    It's not possible to say a specific stateroom will have a spectacular view as it's subjective. One day you could have a spectacular view of the Pitons in St. Lucia and the next you're looking at shipping containers or a fuel depot.

    We've never had a bad experience with a GTY balcony.

  11. 30 minutes ago, DanielB said:

    1 ship, 2 different sailings....so a 4 day cruise followed by a 3 day cruise for us.  

    There will no doubt be nuances and details to be worked out. This is also a proposal document, not a firm implementation plan yet.

    I have a hard time thinking they will discontinue consecutive cruises. After all, they know where you've been.

    Personally, I would sit tight and let them tell you different from what you have booked if that ends up being the case. You will in all likelihood get something out of it if that happens.

    Full disclosure, we're B2B in Feb/Mar out of San Juan. No intention of changing or cancelling anything by us.

  12. 1 hour ago, DanielB said:

    With the new recommended COVID testing guidelines will Back 2 Back cruise options go away?

    We are booked on Navigator in April and of course lots can happen between now and then but we are thinking for safety sake to go ahead and change to a 7 day cruise.

    Thoughts?  Of course nothing is final yet and we aren't even cruising, figure it is better to change now and lock in a price than to wait.


    Not clear on what you mean. Assume by Back 2 Back you mean two separate cruises such as one seven night itinerary followed by a different seven night itinerary, but on the same ship?

    Or one itinerary on one ship followed by a second itinerary on a second ship embarking/disembarking at the same port (same or different cruise line)?

  13. 15 hours ago, Jax said:

    I have a US $ bank account and credit card set up with RBC bank. When you set up online banking for RBC Bank in the US, you can access your Canadian online banking with RBC.  It is simple to transfer US funds from your Canadian account to your US one with RBC Bank. No need to mail a cheque or go into a branch. 

    Correct, that's RBC Bank. 

    The RBC Gold USD Visa is offered by RBC Royal Bank (Canada) and is not connected to RBC Bank (USA).

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