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    Hutcherl reacted to DunkelBierJay in RCL Stock Price   
    While I think pricing is close to bottom now (it is certainly higher than where it landed a couple weeks ago), I made a purchase a couple days ago and will resist watching it every day...it is a long term consideration for me, and I do want to test the stock holder benefit on a sailing or two...the $100 credit seems nice, but is worthless if you end up selling for a loss. I also picked up some Carnival, because that stock is really hurting right now, and I think they have such brand diversity that they will end up recovering eventually.
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    Hutcherl got a reaction from Eaglelover in RCL Stock Price   
    Good information.   I’m trying to time the bottom like a lot here are.  This will be my first time purchasing individual stocks, except for employer company stocks.   I have been researching for a couple weeks now.  But I think it’s the time to get my feet wet. 
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    Hutcherl reacted to RCIfan1912 in 30 Day Extension on Cancelled Cruises   
    I wouldn't say the industry is in trouble but its a tough time and tough year. It will get better. If you follow Danny from Harr Travel said last week was the biggest booking week he has ever had in his career. The demand is still there for cruises. 
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    Hutcherl reacted to dodgestang in RCL Stock Price   
    I would expect the stock to tank a bit again tomorrow with the announcement of another 30 days of cancels.....but hopefully that will be specific to the travel/leisure industry and not the full index 😉.....although it is still performing 'ok' in after hours
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    Hutcherl reacted to DunkelBierJay in RCL Stock Price   
    short update...both stocks I am tracking, RCL and CCL are up slightly ...first time in days...I scour the internet all day for good news, and the green looks a lot better than the red
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    Hutcherl got a reaction from bobroo in RCL Stock Price   
    How did you do that?? You nailed my situation and thought process exactly.  
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    Hutcherl reacted to JLMoran in RCL Stock Price   
    Hm, I thought there were some similar issues last year around either Cruise Planner item pricing (not necessarily DBP, but maybe another package) or else the cruise fares that people found and snapped up, which Royal then had to honor. I agree that general glitchiness in the web site isn't a financial concern; although as a web app developer, it smacks of an operational concern.
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    Hutcherl got a reaction from JLMoran in RCL Stock Price   
    Again, very good information.  Much appreciated 
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    Hutcherl got a reaction from Neesa in RCL Stock Price   
    Good information.   I’m trying to time the bottom like a lot here are.  This will be my first time purchasing individual stocks, except for employer company stocks.   I have been researching for a couple weeks now.  But I think it’s the time to get my feet wet. 
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    Hutcherl reacted to danv3 in RCL Stock Price   
    Now under $20/share.  If you're trying to time the bottom (hard to do in any circumstances, let alone these unprecedented circumstances), it doesn't seem like we're there yet.  
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    Hutcherl reacted to JLMoran in RCL Stock Price   
    OK, first off, while I work in the financial industry I am not a licensed broker or financial advisor! I'm just an IT guy who happens to have learned a decent amount about investing from my dad and my own experiences buying a handful of stocks over the last 20 years.
    Secondly, @SpeedNoodles and @Lovetocruise2002, get ready to go beyond Bailey mode. 🥴
    That said...
    If you are serious about investing in Royal, understand that to hit that 100 share minimum for shareholder benefits you're still going to be spending about $2,200 at the current price of $22.03. That's definitely a lot better than the $11,300+ it was just a few short weeks ago, but that's still not pocket change. If getting the shareholder benefit is your only reason for buying, maybe reconsider because you'll have to take a LOT of cruises that actually pay you that benefit before you break even.
    If you want to buy it because you love the company and think it's a good investment for the long term -- I'm talking at least 5 or even 10 years here, since that's always my minimum goal -- you'll want to read up on the company's financials and get some basic understanding of what's really going on under the hood. I just took a quick look at their annual SEC filing (called the 10-K, which was just published in February and covers through 12/31/19), and looked at their financials in particular (page 37 of the linked doc).
    For me, I like that for the last 3 years at least they have had three times as much in assets (cash, investments, physical capital like the ships, etc.) vs liabilities (loans, credit lines, bonds issued, etc.). That tells me they are properly managing their finances, and the debt they have is being used to help expand the business and invest in ships / private islands / etc., rather than prop up their business or make it look better than it seems. That said, in comparison to Apple (the only individual stock I currently own), that's a lot of debt relative to assets; Apple for the longest time had zero long-term debt and almost no short-term debt; it's only in the last few years that they started issuing bonds and other debt instruments, and those are still a much smaller fraction of the total assets (which include a cash hoard that is just bananas).
    The rest of the financial numbers looked good, too, although one thing surprised me -- It's been mentioned here a few times that the ticket bookings are basically break-even, and it's the on-board spending that drives actual profit. So I was really surprised to see that cruise fares are 75% of their income, while on-board spend is 25%. I would have expected the latter to be more like 35 or 40% if that's really the profit-driver. So I want to dig into that more and see if they break down how much profit comes off of each.
    For me, this quick glance makes me think I might sell off some of my Apple stock (I bought it in 2000) and get a few hundred shares of Royal. But I want to dig deeper. I like their product from all three cruise lines, their leadership seems solid from what I've read over the last couple years, and the financials look good at a glance, but I still don't know RCL the company that well yet. Mistakes like the $18/night DBP "intern goof" and others that we've talked about here seem to happen with some disturbing regularity, and point to some possible issues that might make investing in them riskier than it already is, given the industry.
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    Hutcherl reacted to coneyraven in What will happen if Royal Caribbean goes bankrupt.   
    Or purchasing more RC Stock
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    Hutcherl reacted to JimnKathy in What will happen if Royal Caribbean goes bankrupt.   
    I just bought some RCL stock at $28 a share...Coronavirus is just a short-term blip creating a terrific price point for long-term investors to build a position.
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    Hutcherl reacted to Lehigh98 in Anyone not canceling their cruise?   
    Booked on Navigator sailing 4/6.  I'm assuming one of two things will happen that will prevent us from cruising:
    1. Our kids school district picks up the new local trend of requiring any kids that leave the country to take a 14 day admin leave from school.
    2. Royal Caribbean will follow in Viking and Princesses footsteps and shut down operations for a period of time.
    Case 1 will probably lead to us using "Cruise with Confidence" to get a future credit.
    Case 2 may lead to a complete refund of the trip, so we'll wait and see since we'd prefer that.
    We'll hold out until one or the other happens, if not, we may still consider the "social distancing" strategy to slow the spread of the virus and cancel the cruise ourselves.  None of us are in high risk groups and we've got a good chance of staying safe with precautions.  But I think we'll also have to consider the possibility of inadvertently spreading the virus and the stigma of traveling when the guidance is social distancing for the good of the rest of the US and people in high risk categories.  We, like most, were really looking forward to the trip and that makes me lean towards "I'm going no matter what , we'll be fine" but I think we need to consider the big picture and what's best for everyone.  I also reserve the right to change my mind again based on how the next few weeks go.  Guess we'll see...
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    Hutcherl reacted to KBugNC in Anyone not canceling their cruise?   
    Still going but we are not going until the end of July. I hope it will all be settled by then. 
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    Hutcherl reacted to SpeedNoodles in CoCo Cay Pricing Getting Ridiculous   
    Sales happen throughout the year, and some of the best prices I've gotten (especially on excursions) I've snagged between advertised sales. It just pays to check often.  I literally check prices for various things (either to initially  purchase or to reprice) several times a week, and I've scored some amazing deals (again, many times not during "sales").
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    Hutcherl reacted to Bob Wise in Grandeur of the Seas - First cruise   
    We sailed on Grandeur twice, April 2019 and September 2019. Going again in April 2020.
    First, don't over pack.
    If possible, arrive in the area the day before.
    Get to the Port by 10:30
    If you like to drink, buy the package now
    There is so much good food included, we never considered the dining package
    If you like to gamble, bring plenty of cash
    If you smoke cigarettes they sell cartons cheap ( once you get out of port )
    Check out the cruise compass every day
    But the most important thing is ENJOY YOURSELF
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    Hutcherl got a reaction from TotalF in Alamo rental drop off at Cape Canaveral   
    Yep. Drop the family off and return car.  Walk to terminal.  Did this many times.  One time I had a shuttle driver stop and pick me up as soon as I started to walk back.  But the walk is quick and easy so no worries.  
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    Hutcherl reacted to DanielB in Today is the day, Thank you!   
    Leaving on Oasis today and just wanted to say thank you to all for the great advice, suggestions and patience from all my questions.  
    Thanks again and everyone have a great week.
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    Hutcherl reacted to Ditchdoc in crown and anchor - how do they calculate?   
    I just got off a 7 day Harmony cruise. In the MDR, after I showed my Diamond status the first night, my waiters were very diligent and forgiving on cocktails. I'd ask for my "happy hour" drink (between 4:30 and 8pm) and they would provide it. They never counted it against the freebies on my card. Around ship at the various bars I got mixed results. I would again ask for a 'Happy Hour" drink and sometimes waiters would deduct from my 3 drinks sometimes not. Between the wife and I, I don't think we used all 6 drinks a single evening.
    The down side .... by the end of happy hour we were snookered and ready for bed 🙂
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    Hutcherl got a reaction from USCG Teacher in CoCo Cay Pricing Getting Ridiculous   
    $139 here too.  August 2020 Independence.  Can’t imagine many passes are being sold at this price.  It’ll come back down to earth.  Just have to closely monitor the cruise planner.
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    Hutcherl reacted to SpeedNoodles in Carnival ships collide, almost hit Oasis   
    Of COURSE @twangster would have a balcony cabin on the correct side of the ship to catch this! Thanks for sharing! 
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    Hutcherl reacted to devbak150 in It is cruise day!!!!   
    Waiting for transport to port.  Mariner here we come!!! Will try to do a blog after we return! 
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    Hutcherl reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Deluxe Beverage Package Deals Question   
    The bottom line -with any  Royal “sale” is to ignore the discount bologna and look straight at the “bottom line”. It’s all voodoo mathematics and the only thing that really matters is what amount are you paying. Find a price that you are comfortable paying, purchase it,  and watch to see how it fluctuates from there.  If it goes down, cancel and rebook. Ignore the “fake” gimmicks 
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    Hutcherl reacted to AshleyDillo in Black Friday Deals appear to be starting   
    No that's a good price for the bungalow!  Good to jump on that!
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