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  1. Echoing KLA's response. Where are your priorities? Bar first, then reserve dinner. Or at least send hubby to make reservations while you visit the bar...
  2. And for a little incentive, they just went on sale this morning for our cruise on Enchantment in July. Saved $65. Check your cruise planner.
  3. Your prepaid gratuity does not apply to specialty restaurants. If you pre-purchase a multi-day meal package, gratuity is included in the cost of the package and this is stated in the fine print that can be accessed from Cruise Planner. The same language is not included if you pre-purchase a single meal but how the gratuity is handled does not seem to be consistently applied. Some report that gratuity is included in the cover charge; other report that 18% is added to the cover charge and shown in the bill that you receive after the meal. From my recent experiences, if you reserve a specialty restaurant when onboard you will incur the 18% surcharge over the cover cost, at least on Oasis class ships.
  4. Simple! It's higher math.... (I know this because my daughter is a math major and she explained it to me,... I think). Increase the percent discount but raise the base price. It's no different than "Manufacturer's suggested retail price".
  5. Like food preferences; very subjective. I always went for a bit of spice..., even though I now live in the Midwest.
  6. Probably because different itineraries have different number of sea days; some 2, some 3 for 7 night cruises. But figure at least 2 additional meals, so an ave of less than $19 per meal.
  7. But remember that the Ultimate also includes lunches in specialty venues on sea days. That adds at least another 2 meals.
  8. I haven't seen anyone sitting in the Park with one (and Trellis bar doesn't serve them). There is no bar area in 150 CP; you order the drink and it is made at table side. So while I won't say for sure that you can't convince them to make you one without dining, my guess is that one must dine there. Also, it is served in a stemless martini glass that sits in an open ended glass globe that is filled with ice, so it would be difficult to order to go.
  9. The cucumber martini at 150 CP and the Champagne Bar are similar but not the same. So instead of "or", try both.
  10. So I'm a bit slow... speaking of reactions, I just now realized that the little number under my screen name and above location is actually a sum of all reactions to my posts; my online reputation. Compared to others on the board, it seems that I have a relatively poor reputation...; so what else is new But the good news is that it is shown beneath my screen name. Usually, my reputation precedes me
  11. Costa Maya; look into Almaplena Eco resort. All inclusive, not crowded; south of Maya Chan, and most of the commute is on paved road. Only the last mile or two over lunar terrain. We had a great relaxing time there in Nov 2017. Cozumel; want to try something active? How about the 12 metre yacht race? You can crew an America's Cup 12m sailboat and partake in a one-on-one race with another boat. Option to be actively involved in trimming sails and winching, etc., or just sit back and watch the others do the work. Nassau; with a larger group, consider a private rental with Cash Money WaterSports. Can pretty much tailor your day with regards to activities and duration of activities. Snorkeling, parasailing, tubing, etc. Downside is that it can get expensive, but less so per person with a larger group.
  12. So a quick question; if I reserved an excursion for my two daughters but not for my wife and I, will the whole family be allowed to depart with others who booked an excursion? Or onlhy those holding excursion tickets?
  13. Exactly. We took a cab from Costa Maya pier to Almaplena resort down the coastal "highway". A two lane road; no shoulder. On the straight sections we maxed at 150 kph (90mph) in a cab with questionable maintenance (based on appearance) and no seat belts. The thought did occur that one little mistake and we were history. So sad for all involved; such a tragedy.
  14. You sir, are the MacGyver of the cruise world. Thank for the car rental tip.
  15. It seems that the wipes are targeted for enveloped viruses and are very effective in eliminating those. But Norovirus is not an enveloped virus. The active components in those wipes may not be effective in killing non-enveloped viruses. The wipes simply contain detergents that dissolve the lipid membrane enveloped viruses. Those active agents are probably not or less effective against non-enveloped viruses. You can see that in that exposure for greater than 10 minutes is required to kill Noro. Still best to wash your hands with soap; lots of it.
  16. They are effective in killing bacteria, but I did not find any information about anti-viral activity. AFAIK, there are only a few wipes that kill both.
  17. Well, you are correct in that there is nothing that can 100% guarantee that one avoids illness in a setting such as what occurred on Indy. But, >95% of passengers and crew were not afflicted and you can significantly increase your chances of being in that select group by heeding some of the suggestions offered in this thread.
  18. Sorry twangster, not buying that. Booked a hump balcony on Black Friday and saw what cabins were available at that time. Those same cabins are still available, so while I understand supply and demand, I don't think it applies here. This is just RCI marketing trying to convince buyers that they're getting a great deal that's not. Emperor's new clothes...
  19. It's all a farce. We booked Oasis for Nov 2018 during the Black Friday sale at a really good price IMHO. Looked again at the next 50% off second guest sale and the cost was over $200 more. Then the each guest is 30% off Green Monday sale and the total cost was another $200 higher. Now the Cruise Planner sale, where excursions are unchanged (at least those which were of interest to us) and rink packages were $2 pdpp higher. Who is RCI trying to kid? That said, dinner at Chops seems to have been reduced for both our upcoming bookings. Will probably take advantage of that.
  20. This sale is $250 more expensive than my booking on Black Friday. So much for being green...
  21. Why not? Hubby will be home and can take care of them...
  22. Second that! We did this excursion in November and it was a blast. If the teens want an active excursion, I'd go for it.
  23. Looking at the dining packages that are offered in Cruised Planner for an upcoming 2018 cruise, the small print states that gratuity is included in the cover charge. Perhaps pre-purchased meals and packages are not charged extra gratuity, but onboard reservations are. This would be consistent with our experience on Oasis earlier this month. We pre-purchased a night in 150C and were not charged extra gratuity, but when we changed our FNDR from Sabor to 150C after boarding, the extra 18% was added to the bill for that meal.
  24. I'm piling on here twangster, but have to thank you for the excellent commentary and beautiful photos. Freedom is now on my bucket list.
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