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  1. Up until the Pandemic, wasn't Majesty supposed to be going out of NO? If memory serves me, Royal didn't pull sailings from NO, it just shut down along with everything else..... of course, during the fray, Majesty and Empress are no more, although, Perhaps NO will be the new home for Grandeur, or some other Vision Class ship taking the place of what would've been, Majesty.
  2. Rachel, Glad to see you started this. Are you in the Facebook Group? If not, here's a link. https://www.facebook.com/groups/280144957080785 See the both of you on board. Mark
  3. Being that this is "in our neck of the woods" --- We may have to seriously consider this. Thank You for Sharing.
  4. I'm slightly amused, in classic RC IT fashion, September '23 has been removed from Baltimore sailings .... now, if only we could have another $18 glitch.
  5. I was looking at the Deck Plans .... almost identical to Grandeur, and, unlike Enchantment, WITH Chops, Giovanni's and Izumi --- Enchantment only has Chops.
  6. Just for kicks, I tend to check the RC Website to see if anything out of Baltimore is available to book later in 2023 (up till now, it only shows sailings through the Spring) .... And then this morning.... September (ONLY September) popped up and has a 5-nighter to Bermuda listed on VISION OTS...... Did we just get a glimpse as to what's coming down the pike?
  7. Those are good options ... it's a shame a more "adult oriented" show couldn't be on it, like, perhaps Rent.
  8. I believe I may be in the minority here, but we love Cats .... even the abbreviated version. I believe the real issue is that some folks may have trouble following the story line..... perhaps, if a Playbill was offered as people enter the theatre, providing, perhaps a back story as to what is about to unfold, some folks may be able to follow it a little better, therefore be able to enjoy the show. In all honesty, Cats is one of the reasons why we booked Oasis out of NJ again this coming September.
  9. I miss everyone ... but in all honesty, I really haven't gone anywhere..... the real issue has been browser issues with this website. Normally, I use Firefox, which used to be fine when it came to the message boards..... then, several months ago, something happened and I wasn't able to log in ..... that is, until I discovered that using Google Chrome, everything worked just fine..... so, I'm here, but I may not be "here" if I'm not using Chrome.
  10. As the title states .... another ship begins revenue sailings today, and another US Port gets back into operation. Although, in the case of Baltimore, Carnival has been back for about a month, today is the first revenue sailing for a Royal Caribbean Ship.
  11. Please delete the 8/28/22 Explorer Cruise. Please add... 12/6/21 Independence 9/18/22 Oasis. Thanks
  12. I'm back @JLMoran --- crazy thing, I use Firefox here at work, and, up until today, I wasn't able to log into the message boards like normal. Who knows what was going on, but......I'm back. In regards to Tobacco Bay .... the tide differential is insane. There are a couple of normal size park benches that completely become submerged during high tide, then show themselves as the tide drops. I'd say there's a 3' - 4' difference between high & low tide. Crazy.
  13. LOL --- Yeah you do. By the way, I switched out the cover photo and replaced it with the awesome one you provided. Thank You.
  14. I will Never do the Rock Climbing Wall .... I'd probably look like a Spider Monkey, and that just wouldn't be pretty. I agree with many of the other folks, I'll never remove tips, in fact, I usually add to them, I'll probably never do the Flowrider, however, I DO love Zip Lines, so, I'm good there. I'll never be in the fray of the T-Shirt Sale (although my wife loves them) I'll probably never have a Suite, unless it's HUGE and we split it with another couple.... we are totally happy in an Interior or Ocean View.... even a balcony is considered an "extra" that isn't a requirement.
  15. Welcome Aboard ..... so you, made it on a cruise right before everything shut down ..... we just missed out (was supposed to be on Freedom 3/19) --- Ugh, that was painful. Don't forget to join the Facebook Group for this sailing .... we've already got well over 300 people in the group.
  16. She's doing the test sailing out of Bayonne as reported by Michael Bayley (Matt is updating the article)
  17. That's sort of what I was thinking ... it wouldn't surprise me if that 6 days includes going up to Bayonne and back.
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