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  1. I normally book aft rear facing when I can. It's simply a great stateroom experience being able to watch the ports from the rear disappear as you go. I find the sound of the propulsion to be soothing and I loved to smoke a nice cigar on the balcony when it was allowed in the past. IMHO the only time you will notice anything is when your pulling into port and they activate thrusters there is some vibration (not sure you would even notice on higher deck levels). In any case it's a very positive experience. Enjoy.
  2. I forgot to mention that yes I do in fact receive roughly 50% discounts but much like you I still feel in the dark about where I stand. It's annoying because anywhere else you go (other lines & land based casinos) you are recognized by tier level and it's very cut & dry. I normally gamble $25.00 hand blackjack and various slots max bet ($5 pull) which is hardly a high roller but certainly deserving of some type of recognition. Either way I think your right and RC is gonna FUBAR the hell out of this new program. I may have to sail another line as well.
  3. ^^ agree with WAAAYTOOO. Maybe it's the whole Sat departure thing that gets me more in a party mood and gets me thinking Oasis is more of a party. I miss that casino! Lots of action and just an all together great scene. I could care less about the shows, that's for my wife to watch while I'm pissing away cash on blackjack! RC needs to seriously consider a revamp on their casino program though. I have sailed a decent amount and spent a small fortune but still really have no idea what my status is... There's the occasional bottle of wine and comped dinner but nothing of note. Oh well.
  4. They are the same ship. I've been on both 4 times. I would say for some reason for which I cannot validate that the Oasis seems to be the party ship more so than allure. Either way your going to enjoy your vacation because IMHO these 2 ships are the greatest ships to ever sail. Here's a couple tips: 1. Make sure you do the chefs table. It's pricy but the food is amazing and the wines is endlessly flowing. 2. Skip the lunch buffet and go to park cafe in Central Park. Get in line for a roast beef sandwich with horse radish & au jus! The best sandwich ever.
  5. You have to eat at Martaranos Italian American Kitchen. Awesome food and a great action packed atmosphere!
  6. ^^^ it's important to note my spend is over a period of 4 days. I don't know how far back the ratings go but the past 2 cruises have been 4 days each.
  7. Let's start a detailed thread with the club Royale perks we are offered and how much we normally gamble. I will start: Brilliance of the seas 4 day sails 3/3: Owners suite: $1750.00 discount Casino cash: $250.00 Last cruise 4 day on independence: $2000.00 on various slots (max bet all the time 5.00 average per spin) $500.00 on blackjack average 25.00-50.00 per hand
  8. To save $ try the Hampton inn on commercial Blvd in sunrise. You are close to the sawgrass expressway which makes getting to the cruise port a very easy drive (maybe 15-20).
  9. For dinner the night before take a walk across 17th street and go to Kelly's Landing or SouthPort Raw Bar. Both have excellent food (casual atmosphere and reasonable prices).
  10. Just an FYI: when the horses crap or pee in the water and you are not in the front of the line it gets quite nasty. Lesson to be learned here is to be in the front of the line or you will get crap on you. I would avoid the horses in the water and find another excursion...
  11. In SM the best thing to do is go to MAHO beach aka "airport beach". This is the beach where the planes approach path goes right over the beach. It's pretty awesome and def a must see! There's a cool bar/restaurant called sunset bar located right on the beach.
  12. ^^^^ take the cat it's very nice. Avoid the fuc*ery of the taxi cabs at all costs. The rum punch is great. Be prepared to tip EVERYONE, they all have their hands out and some are quite rude saying "show respect mon" if they see you tip someone and they feel they deserve money as well for just being present.
  13. There's a Senior frogs and the standard duty free shops right off the ship. If you don't like to drink heavily or shop then I suggest taking a cab to paradise beach (8.00 cab fare and 15.00 or 20.00pp entry fee to beach). The staff at paradise beach is great and the beach is beautiful. You can get a couple lounge chairs in the sand and a server will bring u cocktails and pretty good food off a full menu (burgers, tacos, nachos, guac exc).
  14. I am local to Fort Lauderdale. Stay at the Embassy Suites in Fort Lauderdale (17th street). You can leave your car at the hotel for the duration of your cruise and they offer a very reasonable shuttle service. You are in close proximity to the port so there are other options like Uber or cab. Not to mention you are in walking distance to several good places to eat dinner the pm before. Happy hour great at the embassy.
  15. I always give them a $20.00 bill. These people work pretty hard and since its the start of a vacation and I come prepared to spend money it's all good. By the way, my bag is always in my room within an hour or 2 of boarding....
  16. Great resort but if you have visions of lounging by the pool or beach be prepared to shell out $150+ per person. If you gamble then this place is great. If you haven't been there it's def worth a visit since the rest of Nassau is a nasty dump.
  17. If the teens are of age then rent some scooters (if not rent golf carts) for the day. This is the best way to see KW. Don't miss out on the Cuban Coffee Queen for some great coffee and breakfast sandwiches. Conch Fritters at Hogs Breath a solid choice. Drive the scooters to the casa marina resort and relax on the beach there.
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