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  1. We sail out of Southampton on Anthem on 11th September. Im so wary that I am going ahead with our supervised antigen test 2 days before just to be on the safe side!
  2. Im keeping my fingers crossed. We are sailing from Southampton on 11th September and can't look forward to it at the moment
  3. I had a live chat with them yesterday. I booked in February for a cruise next August and have to cancel. I wanted to book another one using the deposit but she said you had to cancel within 30 days so we have lost our deposit! Won't be booking another one
  4. Im in the UK and sailing from Southampton in September. Im really hoping they do away with the pre-cruise testing. I can't look forward to our cruise at the moment
  5. Thanks. Ive just purchased one at £14.48 so me and my husband will share it. I think we were spoilt last time (3 years ago) as we got a deluxe drinks and internet for £40
  6. I am in the UK and cruising in September from Southampton. I want to purchase an internet package but they are so expensive. I read on here that there is usually a sale today (4th July) but I can't find anything.
  7. We are on the Anthem of the Seas Discovering the Canaries cruise sailing from Southampton on 11th September this year. Really hoping the pre-cruise Covid tests are no longer required. Fingers crossed
  8. Ring Royal Caribbean. I did this morning and got my drinks package for under £40
  9. Thank you so much Stephen. I phoned RC this morning and got my drinks package for under £40
  10. I have just rang RC and got our deluxe drinks package for just under £40 pdpp
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