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  1. OK, thanks. I think the point is that if passengers who don't like their itineraries being changed, for merely a “change in itinerary planning”, expressed their dissatisfaction to the cruise lines, I believe it would make a difference. I mean, what other service provider has a contract that says they can change any or all of the specified goods and services of the contract to whatever they want, "for any reason, whatsoever" as RCCL does? Do you buy a plane ticket or pay for a cab or Uber that takes you to a different destination of their choice? Do you contract for a new roof on your house, and instead they decide to paint the house, and with the color of their choice? Why does the government even allow contracts like this to exist? We are forced to sign this very one-sided contract if we choose to cruise. Also, people cruise for a variety of reasons - some primarily for the shipboard experience, and some like us primarily for the destinations. Changes for health, safety, weather, unforeseen calamities, etc. are certainly understandable; but in this case 2 destination/time changes in one 8-day, 3 destination cruise due to a "change in itinerary planning" is undesirable for some of us. Not to mention that in our case we have another RCCL cruise a week later in which they changed the island arrival time from 1pm to 6pm, which pretty much limits our daylight touring of the island for that day. We've had 60+ cruises with very few itinerary changes, and they were always only due to inclement weather.
  2. Did I miss something here? Neither Karter nor my comments ever mention anything about compensation. This was my first posting ever on a blog and I see now why I never did; because it always amazed me how quickly some people respond negatively without accurately reading the posts they complain about.
  3. I, too, booked it just for the ABC islands with full days in port. Why the change? According to them: "Change in itinerary planning”. What does that even mean? They are simply restating the fact that they changed the itinerary. This in no way gives any indication of an actual unforeseeable (or even foreseeable) cause beyond the control of RCCL. It merely states they changed the planned (and advertised and contracted) itinerary. They are also now arriving in Curacao at 12:30pm instead of 8am, so many attractions and tours will be closed before or shortly after you get there, especially if you booked your own transportation or tours. They also still today list this cruise several places on their website as "8 Day Labadee, Curacao and Aruba Cruise", as they have for several months; as well the original ABC schedule. But RCCL is covered - we all had to sign the Terms and Conditions which states they can change the itinerary (and practically everything else) for "any other reason whatsoever").
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