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  1. I just received this today also I wonder if mine is different because I just got off Symphony Saturday with the new menu
  2. Last month on Alure the buy in was $100 (1000 chips) and unlimited rebuys for the first hour for $50 (1000 chips) as long as you were below 1000 chips. Some people bought in 4-5 times I know they are trying to get the prize pool as high as they can for the rake but it wasn't fun until after the first hour. Just be prepared going in they will play any 2 cards knowing they can just rebuy
  3. Flew from California to Spain cruised Spain, France, Italy worth every penny
  4. I tested negative last night but I did pick up some kind of head cold. Going to test again in a couple of days. Glad your symptoms are not to bad get well soon
  5. The love and marriage show was really funny they filmed it. They are showing it on tv think it’s about 45 mins. Hope you enjoyed Curaçao
  6. I’m really enjoying the blog. We also went to see Jeff Tracta tonight by far the best entertainer we have seen on a cruise and your correct about the ice half the time we go to the soda machine it’s out of ice. Enjoy Aruba
  7. I’m on the ship also with my girlfriend here is a nice picture we took at Labadiee
  8. Mine is at 11am this Saturday on Allure
  9. Not able to book entertainment/shows until on the ship. Use the RC app connect to wifi soon as you get on the ship and make all your reservations
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