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  1. Of course there is a ton to do and see and eat in Haifa. It's one of the worlds oldest cities in the world with a history dating back to the Bronze age. Tons of history and culture to see if you spend a little time
  2. "A large percentage" ??? Those ships probably cost less than 5% without the passengers/entertainment/food costs
  3. Considering ships with ice skating are still doing free skate... that wouldnt make any sense. Ice Skating and Roller Skating are basically the same thing
  4. A few weeks ago... if you were on the ship right now, it's at 815 tonight
  5. literally no one on here can answer this prior to december 18 and most likely not till even the 19th
  6. Do they just leave them with the cruise compass if you have a teen in the cabin? Or is it a special request
  7. Should we expect Windjammer dinner at 3400 since that's 50% of maximum? Shouldnt they have been planning for that then? Or are they really aiming for like 55% to account for no-shows
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