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  1. My husband and I used to live on RC ships full time for about 3 years before Covid hit. We had an awesome time and a fantastic life traveling all over the world, running around to catch the next flight, next ship...Then Covid hit the world and from one day to the next we found our selves grounded at our base-camp (aka home), locked up and waiting for this whole nightmare to pass. In my mind I was positive that we will be back on a cruise ship shortly. I kept myself busy with running my own windjammer in our kitchen, the cancellation aftermath, re-booking, new cancellations, moving bookings, changed ships, changed itineraries, keep track of FCCs, refunds, payment dues. Spent hours, days, weeks, months by talking to RC customer reps over the phone. Meanwhile I kept a close eye on the virus situation around the world. We were determined to return to cruising as soon as possible ,,,if it is safe and enjoyable. We currently have over 30 cruises booked, and we planned to return cruising full time on Aug. 8th Odyssey. However after a long discussion with my husband ( we are young and healthy btw) we decided not to go back to cruising just yet. I follow all the cruise news, kept in touch with some crew members, and of course kept in touch with a few full time cruiser friends who we met during our voyages. At this point and time, cruising for us would not be the same experience yet, it is too complicated taking flights, crossing international borders, restrictions, testing before flights to certain countries etc. I do not want to pretend that everything is normal, just because I can board a cruise ship. We just got an email from one of our friend who went on a cruise for the first time since Covid shut down, and he said the atmosphere is not the same at all. With a heavy heart, I've called Royal and cancelled all of our cruises for August and September. We haven't gone anywhere in the last 15 months because we were just fully focused on reclaiming our cruising lifestyle. We had to change plans and will travel within the US, dry land and follow the cruising industry. If the time is right we will be back. Just follow your gut feelings.
  2. I have 2 friends currently sick (unrelated to each other) with covid, they got fully vaccinated with Pfizer months ago. One is in the hospital and the other had to go to the ER yesterday and got hooked up to an iv drip. He said he never felt so sick in his entire life. We live in the Tampa Bay area, FL. Adventure of the Seas had two families with covid on board last week, they had to get off in Cozumel and taken by an ambulance. My husband and I used to live on RC ships full time for 3 years pre-covid, traveling with them all over the world. I was really hoping that we can get back to our real life by now. We have 38 cruises booked, starting on August 8. We are young and healthy but we are not sure if this is the right time for us to return cruising. Which is really devastating. The last thing I want is to get covid on a cruise ship and not let back to the US. That is a very scary thought.
  3. If you come to Florida, you can just hop on a quick flight to the Bahamas, enjoy a 3-4 night stay out there and fly back to Florida. You get three more months tourist visa this way.
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