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  1. Wow, thanks for digging up those pictures, they look wonderful. If I were to see them in a store I would pay 35 dollars for it. ? Regarding the windjammer food to room, I think I will risk it. I simply enjoy snacking at night before bed, that's my only consideration about bringing the food out.
  2. Can I give that drink to someone else? I don't drink alcohol. Also, is it still possible to bring food from windjammer to the room?
  3. With the rice recipe, I am definitely going to sign up for the class. Whether it would be full is another matter however ?
  4. Sounds good, I am already 90 percent sold on the class. It is something I am almost definitely going to go for
  5. Those are great pictures, I can feel the joy radiating from it. It might just convince me to take the class.
  6. I see, thank you. I was hoping for knowing how to do the whole thing from scratch. Also, what are you not doing again? Also, i'm starting to think i'd use my gift card on other things like food from the restaurants instead of the class.
  7. Hi, i'm going for a cruise soon, and I am intending to try out the sushi making class at Izumi. While looking through pictures and reviews, I noticed that mostly, the rolls are made with crabsticks and shrimp. I wonder if the class would teach me how to make the rice and fry the shrimp as well or does it only teach you how to roll the sushi together? Thank you.
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