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  1. I’d suggest moving to a good travel agent. They are skilled in these types of things and can ensure you’re getting the best price for your needs. I’d highly recommend MEI Travel (this blogs sponsor). On the main page there’s a box to fill out and they will assign you an agent. Be quick,you only have a short window to make the move (maybe 30 days?) good luck.
  2. personally, I wouldn’t rely on ships internet for anything that would be time sensitive, such as trading stocks.
  3. I think people really just want to know the date. Much like the app tells you the date that check in opens, it would be cool if it had a line that said "earliest you can test" and then list the date. We've gone through this several times and even now i second guess my test day. It's just an extra step that could be made simpler and no one wants to show up at the port and be told "oops you were a day early on your testing", but people also don't want to travel all the way to the port and then test positive for thier pre-night stay. We recently did a quick 3 night cruse that left on a Friday which is far different than our normal cruises, plus we were driving, so we needed to plan ahead so that we had a hotel room for Wednesday night, but couldn;t book until after the test just in case we needed to cancel.
  4. Royal really needs to put a chart on the site that states if your cruise leaves on <this date> then the earliest you can test is <this date> They literally could have done this on day one for the whole year and alleviate a lot of confusion for people.
  5. Was this through an airline or through Air2Sea? I’ve never used Air2Sea, so I’m not sure how that works. If it was through the airline, was the entire party on the same confirmation number? For Southwest, if you’re not on the same confirmation number then you don’t really count as a “traveling party”, so we’ve started making sure we’re always on the same confirmation number when flying with the in laws just in case anything we’re to happen.
  6. I think this is all going to lead to confusion for the passengers and maybe the crew. No vaccination needed from Galveston, but then you can’t get off the ship in Grand Cayman. It seems like it would have been better to wait until they worked out the details with each stop and then drop it. While those of us on the board are well versed in the policies, the general public may miss some of the fine details and then be upset when. Of course, it is the passengers responsibility to know the policy, but we know someone will miss it or their “not as good” travel agent will misinform them of the policy.
  7. For those of us in “regular” rooms , I always recommend to make reservations for anything that will take one. This could be shows, speciality dining, my time dining*, breakfast in the MDR, etc…. I feel I t’s better to have the reservation and not need it than it is to need the reservation and not have it. Since the restart things are changing and things are different on each ship so some places may not even accept reservations any longer, but if the app will let me make one, I do. note: you only need my time dining reservations if you are not in the traditional dining options. Also not everything in the app is a reservation, some items are just reminders.
  8. As all the lines (probably) eventually move towards this method, It'll be interesting to see what happens if someone with COVID needs specialized care and the ship has to return to port or skip a port. For us, that has been a big reason we have supported having the vaccination requirement. In our minds, it lessens the chance of our vacation being interrupted. Not that it's foolproof now, but gives us that warm fuzzy feeling.
  9. I don’t fly with Delta, so I don’t know what happens if you miss your flight. Is that ticket just gone or do you get a credit? Will they let you fly later in the day without extra charges? If it was me, I would weigh all these things and determine if the savings are worth the stress. We live by the rule of being at the airport 2 hours before the flight for domestic travel and even at our “little” home airport in Louisville, we’ve seen people miss flights by showing up less than 2 hours. For us, it’s worth it to “sit around” post security and not deal with rushing through. good luck!
  10. It’s available in the app, so I looked at one of my upcoming cruises at the pool bar. It’s $4 a can plus 18%, so $4.72 a can. it’s included with the Refreshment package and I’ve gotten that package recently for $22.99 per day, so it may be a good investment.
  11. I would work with your TA to note the reservation and I would also contact the Special Needs department (form below). I'd fill it out as best as possible and there is a box for "other items". They will contact you at some point, but you can also call them. Good luck. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/resources/guest-special-needs
  12. We were on the Indy a few weeks ago had this pending as well on our credit card bill. However, it never "hit the bill" so it was probably a "test charge" for incidentals or whatever like Hotels generally do. We also did receive a refund of about $5 due to port taxes and fees being lower, so maybe they "charged the card" to make sure the refund would go through. Either way, only the refund hit the card.
  13. You just contact your TA and provide them the ship, sailing dat, reservation number, etc. there’s a form they fill out. We use MEI and our TA handles it all after I send the info, so it could be different with your TA.
  14. We put them on our pin board. We're avid Disney Pin collectors and now have a subsection for "cruises of all types" and have some of the Disney ships we've sailed on. Never thought about Royal pins until we received our Platinum and now Emerald pins. We're excited to get our Diamond pins in early 2023.
  15. While there are no stated numbers, I did find this in my cruise documents for a recent cruise. We thought it was funny since we always tease my father in law that he brings too many clothes for a 7N cruise we each pack in a “carry on” size bag and have no issues. Last weekend we did a 3N cruise and packed in one carry on bag for the both of us.
  16. Here are the scan of the Cruise Compass from the recent cruise. @Matt can use them as he pleases. It was a great cruise and we had a lot of firsts. First 3N cruise (we've done 4N and 5N) First time from Port Canaveral with Royal First time on Independence First time driving from home for a cruise. Independence_CC_3N_BahamasPerfectDay_07222022.pdf Independence_CC_3N_BahamasPerfectDay_07232022.pdf Independence_CC_3N_BahamasPerfectDay_07242022.pdf
  17. I get the desire for the testing to end, and I keep going back and forth on it. I understand it adds cost to the trip and in some cases can be significant. While nothing is foolproof, it does give us a little more confidence when we cruise as opposed to the land based locations. We will probably continue to test anyway on our own since our fear is being sick in a foreign land and possibly passing things to others. We also "self quarantine" for about about a week before most cruises since we tend to cruise during cold/flu season and don't want to be sick while on vacation. Of course, we are in the camp of still wearing masks (KN95) in nearly all indoor situations and not fraternizing with too many strangers When we cruise our favorite activity is sitting on the deck staring at the ocean, so we're outside and not with people, so it works for us. We also just feel safer on a cruise since we don't worry about the other craziness in the world, like the mall shooting in Indiana. We were recently at the Mall of America over the July 4th holiday and it did cross our mind that someone could do something.
  18. Looks like Azamara fired the first shot. Azamara Announces Removal of Embarkation COVID-19 Testing - Cruise Industry News
  19. Here is the link to the Healthy Sail Center on Royal's page -- > https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center?icid=hlthys_wrnssn_hlt_nbrdxp_pghdr_3467 The only self administered tests that I know Royal accepts are the eMed/Navica ones, but you are too close to order, receive, and test if your test is this weekend. At this point in your journey, you may be relegated to Walgreens/CVS or other local provider. Personally, I would not risk using other home proctored tests, since there's a chance Royal would not accept it id the document is not correct. Good Luck!
  20. Have a (hopefully) quick question or two... 1. If you win your bid but don't find out until you are already traveling, do you need to do anything about your bag tags? I assume I will at least need to get new ones from the porters, but who knows. 2. If you win your bid, but don't check your email, or even receive the email after boarding, what happens with your luggage? Will Royal figure it out? Should we do something? 3. Since your bid is probably accepted after you complete check in, will that mess up your arrival time? 4. If the set sail pass is already printed will that need to be redone? If so what if you don’t have access to a printer? Sorry, it was four questions Thanks!
  21. I'd consider FLL "smaller" since it is so close to Miami, but i've never been to the others (yet) It's all relative, i just noticed that I got stopped a lot at my home airport in Louisville, KY which shuts down at basically 8:00 PM, so not a lot of traffic.
  22. Check out the Cruise Compass for the "Singles and Solo Cruisers Mixer" you may find another person in your same situation and make a new friend. I've never been to it since I am not single and have not yet been a solo cruiser, but it seems like a good way for people to meet others. As a person who doesn't drink alcohol, we spend virtually no time in the bars and always have great time. We've struck up conversations with people at Café Promenade, the pool deck, Windjammer, etc.... Also check out the "open" activities like Pickleball, Table tenns, etc.. We met someone who joined us to hit pickleball (not competitively) and then we had a friend for the rest of the cruise. Good Luck!
  23. does it tend to happen at "smaller" airports. There is some randomness to the extra security and if you're flying at a smaller airport during less busy times you may be flagged often. Before I had pre-check i got stopped often at my home airport for extra security checks and swabbing my hands. But our airport is not very busy most times at 5:00 AM so it's like i was always the "5th caller!"
  24. Certainly the airports, time of day, and time of year play into it as well. At our home airport (SDF) it really doesn't help a lot most times since we fly at about 5:00 AM. However at places like Miami, we've had to wait nearly an hour for my in-laws to go through the regular line (they don't have precheck yet) when our line was less than 5 minutes. I like pre check since (most times) i don't have to take my CPAP or computer out of my bag when going through. We've had it for 5 years and just renewed, and the only time i've had to take the cpap out was in LAX, on September 11, 2021, the 20th anniversary of the trade center attacks, so I just attributed it to extra security on the anniversary. Even then the line at LAX was less than 10 minutes
  25. In my opinion, there is no good reason to "surprise" someone on a cruise. Now that you've already booked, that would be the surprise and now you can work together to plan things together (or apart). They also may think somethign is wrong if they see some "wonkiness" in the app or on the website when tryng to do things and not know that you have secretly done things. You would also prevent any awkwardness if the party being surprised, decided to change thier plans and now you're "stuck" (although is anyone ever really stuck with a cruise ). We once surprised our nieces at Disney World, but we had coordinated it with my sister to make sure it went smoothly. As the designated "travel supervisor" for several families, I've learned that things just go smother when parties are involved, at least the adults.
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