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  1. Well the casino is out, as my son is 12. Crossing fingers that they will be showing NFL in either pool area or OnAir.
  2. Going on Harmony in 10 Days! Want to find out where we can watch Sunday and Monday NFL games? There is no Playmakers on Harmony. Thanks
  3. I am super excited about all of the Black Friday savings for my two upcoming sailings. I saved a bit on my Dec cruise on Harmony (cheaper Voom, soda package, water package and waterpark). But I made out like a BANDIT on my June Ovation sailing. I save about 200 after all the markdowns, and treated the family to the UDP with the savings and some onboard credit I had on that sailing.
  4. Yes, the water on the ships is Reverse Osmosis filtered.
  5. I've personally used Curative about five times for myself and my son (under 12). Our local site does PCR testing and they are always easy to schedule, and the testing is typically back quickly.
  6. RCI IT is notoriously wishy washy. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just bring all your stuff to check in.
  7. They are not allowing unvaccinated persons. May be best to cancel and have a ship day.
  8. I'm already booked for Ovation on Jun. 10, 2022. Maybe I will be on the "President's Cruise". Interesting to speculate on.
  9. Port changes are always possible on any cruise. Things may change due to weather, volcanoes erupting, ports no longer taking unvaccinated passengers, and so many other reasons. Cruising is not for the inflexible. If you are heartbroken over the change, cancel your trip. Otherwise, enjoy going somewhere you have never been. I personally love Costa Maya and there are some fabulous beaches there.
  10. @DJsMrs Wave Hi as you disembark, as I'll be embarking at 11:30 on the 19th!
  11. I am wondering if no one is on Harmony Dec. 19 - 26, 2021 except me!
  12. I checked in last week (at 45 days). Final payment for our cruise is 30 days out (Nov. 19). So yes, you can check in before final payment.
  13. Thanks as always @twangster bot for the helpful info
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