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  1. Floatme, Congratulations! Did you and your wife have a RCCL reception? What did you think of it? DId you feel a lot of pressure to buy the photo package? I heard it is very expensive and we cannot afford to do so. Did you have a lot of people come with you? Thanks for the info. I have looked into the idea of getting off of the boat as many of you have suggested. It is definitely another option. My first choice will still be to get married on the boat. Does anyone know if RCCL would be flexible with their wedding package? For instance, I would not want the majority of what they offer, like the photographer and the officiant. Do you think they would lower the price if I did not require these things? Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the good points. Do they have weddings all day on the ship? From what I read it sounds like most are done in the morning because they only offer a luncheon reception? On average how many weddings happen on a cruise? I have been on a few and have never seen a bride. I may have just missed them but I can't recall ever seeing one. Can other people use the chapel on the boat if there is not a wedding or is blocked off unless you are part of a RCCL wedding? What if people just want to pray, is there a place for that? If need be we will just gather everyone on a deck (without blocking it off). I didn't think about the fact that we would have to book everyone's dinner so far out. We will have to figure out another plan for that. Thanks for that point. I have a friend who is going to take pictures. She is not a professional just very good so I am not really worried about that. I appreciate your advice and look forward to hearing more.
  3. Hi! My name is Gail. I booked my cruise for next spring. However, we are going super low key for our wedding and budget. While we are all booking (up to 40 people) we have decided not to go through RCCL. We are going to get married at port the night before by my father in-law at the hotel, who is a ordained minister. We will be technically married before walking on the cruise ship. I do not want the pressure of buying the photo package that comes with the wedding package. I also feel that a ceremony and a cake slicing is not worth the few thousand that I was quoted. My question is... Do you think the cruise line will give us grief if we preform a ceremony on board while sailing? We just don't want all of the extras that are not included without a huge price. We are going to find a place to get married, have a photographer of our own, and even just book at one of the specialty dinners for our reception. We know a night of dancing and fun will follow. I need advice about how the cruise line will handle a bride on a sail day. Will they give me crap about how its not legal, or will I be congratulated like all the other brides? I am just worried now that all my plans are in motion. I cam't wait to hear your thoughts.
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