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  1. I wouldn't take any vaccine that is endorsed by, invested in, or colored orange, by any politician. I'll wait for Fauci's green light.
  2. We should expect all countries to refuse entry for Americans, unless their leaders think the virus is a hoax that will just disappear.
  3. Worrying about being infected with covid is like worrying about being struck by lighting. People say what are the odds of dying? So nothing to worry about. Unless you end up being the unlucky one to die. But that's life, so let's all get back and cruise. What have we got to lose? What could happen on a floating petri dish? Ya the ship might put you off in a foreign port, if you are sick. They would rather abandon you, than being denied entry into a port and the ship being quarantined. Don't want any bad PR. But hey, it will only add more fun to your vacation.
  4. We all want to cruise again. To those on other posts who want to treat covid as a flu. Cruise if you want and have fun, but don't down play the health risks if you become infected with covid. Both my wife and I are retired RNs. Our flu patients didn't die from heart attacks, multi organ failure, blood clots, stroke, and other reasons, but covid patients do. When a flu patient needed a vent most would survive, but with covid about 80% will die. Enjoy the cruise but be careful. Remember the person who sneezes near you might be the non-symptomatic carrier that will infect you. In a typical flu s
  5. Interesting that so many people will base their decision to cruise on price and the assurance that ships will be sanitized frequently. But what if, while walking toward your cabin a guest coughs or sneezes at you? What if this person is pre-symptomatic and is positive for covid? What will happen when there is a outbreak of covid on the ship and the ship is prevented from entering a port? What happens if you get ill? What kind of treatment will you receive? What will happen if you are put off the ship in a foreign port? How do you pay for your treatment? How do you get home IF you recover? Ju
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