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    TinyDancer reacted to PG Cruiser in Worried about coronavirus   
    I've always believed that balance is the key.  There are two extremes in this kind of scenario - indifference and hysteria.
    This is just my opinion and theory, it is continuing to spread because of indifference, infected people still going around thinking it's nothing to worry about.  On the other hand there is the hysteria and paranoia causing all the fear, panic, and extinction scenarios.
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    TinyDancer reacted to Fuzzywuzzy in New England/Canada Cruise - Few questions.   
    RE: Acadia National Park. I took this picture with my phone there (Cadillac Mountain) last August. That's Adventure in the pond. Your option.

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    TinyDancer reacted to teddy in New England/Canada-Best excursions/tips for newbies   
    Portland is easily navigated on foot.  Uber and Lyft have a good presence in the area as well if you're interested in going a but further.

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    TinyDancer reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Feeling Discouraged....   
    $50 is very generous.  Whoever said that the daily grats don’t get the room attendants doesn’t know what he** they’re talking about.  They most certainly do.  Ignore that forum. Someone is just trying to make themselves look like big spenders.  That kind are usually making up for some personal shortcoming.
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    TinyDancer reacted to Frank in Royal Up   
    Hi all, I just got notified 3 days before my sailing on Mariner that my upgrade bid has been accepted! 
    I booked an interior stateroom for me and my fiancée and placed a bid for 135 a person. 
    That bid was accepted and now we are in a balcony room!!  
    That was also a “weak” bid on their bid meter! 
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    TinyDancer reacted to mworkman in New Health Screening   
    On a more serious note, even the cats take this virus seriously!

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    TinyDancer reacted to irishfitz in New England/Canada-Best excursions/tips for newbies   
    Here is a picture of the market! Another do not miss.

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    TinyDancer reacted to irishfitz in New England/Canada-Best excursions/tips for newbies   
    Forgot to note that in St. James we walked all day in the city!  It was fantastic.  Played the Canada lottery and won $.  Ask about the "Market" place it was fantastic place to wonder.  We bought local foods there and were able to bring it back to the ship.  The potato chips with ketchup were the best ever.  Always try the local food specials everything was great!  The market has lots of craft and things to buy...if you want something don't pass it up.  I found a wool cape and thought at the time it was too expensive at $135 (America) but now - I keep thinking about it and yes it was made by a local crafter.  Crazy to pass it up.  
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    TinyDancer reacted to Jimbo47 in Are there good views to be had on Empress without getting a suite?   
    Lots of advice.  I find the smaller ships “cozier” and little more relaxing.   Plenty of good views.   Especially at dawn and night with crowds pretty low.   My favorite areas to chill were above the Windjammer. There are chairs and tables for a nice late night drink an get busy in afternoons     And believe it or not there is a small area by the Viking lounge/gym    I will try to find a picture.  Although I unfortunately may be in them. The picture below is by gym.  Small area in back of ship

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    TinyDancer reacted to mrp4352 in New England/Canada-Best excursions/tips for newbies   
    We rented a car in St John's and Halifax. St. John's was fantastic! We took a beautiful drive out to St. Andrew's, had a lovely lunch and got to walk on the sea floor (we saw about a 25 foot tide difference in the couple hours we spent there.
    FWIW, we didn't like Peggy's Cove. We were among the first off the ship, got our car and headed straight there. We still were unable to park and saw several busses that had beaten us there.  it was so crowded we couldn't even enjoy driving through the little village.  Next time, I think we'll wander around Halifax itself - there seemed to be plenty to do there
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    TinyDancer reacted to dodgestang in Fast Track To Diamond Status?   
    They were offered Ankle only......so easily hidden but those who know...know where to look

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    TinyDancer reacted to twangster in Fast Track To Diamond Status?   
    There a whole other strategy here.  Some people who cruise with friends take this to a whole new level. 
    Put the wife solo in a JS and book the husband as a 3rd guest in a cabin with friends.  Wife get triple points, husband stays in that JS with her.  Husband pays 3rd guest rate, wife pays 340 reduced single supplement.  Wife climbs the ladder quickly, husband gets her status changes as she levels up.  
    This can be cheaper than a solo inside cabin for husband.
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    TinyDancer reacted to GregD in I hate kids....   
    Ugh, sailing on Liberty on the 16th, and just got a call from the school about my kid who has a fever.....this will be me for the next week. 
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    TinyDancer reacted to dodgestang in Anthem & Potential Coronavirus   
    Train ride from Union Station to Newark Penn Station is 2.5 hours on the Acela and then short uber to airport (or port ? ).  Business class $220, first class $380 *prices vary based on actual train
    Train ride from Union Station to EWR (at the airport) on Amtrak Regional Rail (more stops) is 3 hours.  Coach class $130, business class $180 *Prices vary based on actual train
    The train IMO takes the same as a flight factoring in security lines at airport, time to arrive ahead of departure, etc....plus parking at the train station is cheaper in many cases and you don't have to deal with baggage issues (weight, checking, liquids)
    According to my son....the pan roasted Shrimp on a bed of wild rice was the very good.  ?

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    TinyDancer reacted to irishfitz in New England/Canada-Best excursions/tips for newbies   
    You must go to Peggy's Cove!!  It was a must see we did through and excursion.  If you can do it first thing upon arrival that would be better.  That will allow you more time upon your return to visit the shops next to the port.  Our excursion was the last one of the day and we did not get a lot of time at Peggy's Cove to walk to the carved wall.  Take a camera and enjoy.  The other thing to look at is the rock formations which are off to the left as you look at the lighthouse.  
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    TinyDancer reacted to madeline236 in things I learned on Grandeur last week   
    bar tenders didn't know many virgin cocktails / mocktails. My kids had a printed list that included not just the name but the ingredients/flavours and that was very useful for them to try new drinks service in the main dining room (MDR) was lacking but I think that was just our waiter and assistant. Food in the MDR was also subpar. On lobster night for example, DH got 2 tails and one was over cooked but edible. I got 2 tails and one was so overcooked it was inedible. DD had 1 tail and it was inedible. It was replaced and the second was only marginally better. I saw other tables with the same problems. IMO RCCL also needs to mix it up in the MDR more. Why not include salad entrés with great, fresh ingredients like roasted beets and cheese (like goat) and nuts/seeds etc? Why not include some ethnic dishes that have some spice in them or at least flavour? Why does the cheese plate for dessert include the same cheeses every night and very boring ones like cheddar? service was excellent and many bar tenders/servers knew our names and what our 'usual' order was by day 3. ACTIVITIES
    the band that played off and on all day and the piano bar were great fun and took requests. cruise director staff were high energy and great Games were hit and miss. The 'majority rules' had mostly the same questions the second time it was played. The Quest and 70s night were great fun for those who participated. Belly flop was also great. EMBARKATION/DISEMBARKATION
    embarkation was slow and lines were long. This was a surprise for Baltimore as reviews always said people were on the ship 20 minutes after arriving. We spent closer to 2 hours getting through the lines to disembark we self-carried and it was easy although we were told we couldn't use the elevators so had to take our suitcases down the stairs. No big deal for us but for others, it could be difficult/impossible to do. EXCURSIONS
    the transport to/from WDW at Port Canaveral was excellent. We were in port from 6 - 6 and this excursion was first off the ship, border control was fast and efficient and we were on our way. Drop off/pick up was easy too. we purchased a day bed at south beach at Coco Cay and as south beach had a delayed opening, it was moved to a temporary spot on chill island. Turned out ok but would've liked RCCL to communicate this (they never did). Also meant location wasn't at all exclusive/private/quiet but right in the middle of the regular crowds. KIDS
    kids were allowed in the solarium pool at pre-scheduled hours when it was cold outside and the main pool was too cold to use they easily let kids change age groups in kids club (adventure ocean). They combined the two older age groups to be 6 - 11 together and I know of 2 12-year-olds who went in and a 5-year old too. That said, my kids enjoyed it and I had trouble keeping them out of it. They got lots of prizes too. most family-friendly games/activities were during the early seating for dinner bar tenders didn't know many virgin cocktails / mocktails. My kids had a printed list that included not just the name but the ingredients/flavours and that was very useful for them to try new drinks with their drink package SERVICE / OTHER
    We didn't get towel animals but others did. it seemed to depend who your cabin steward was. [that "8)" turns into an emoji no matter what I do lol[ photographers were great. They learned quickly that we had pre-bought the package and went out of their way to offer us pictures I found it odd that we never had to sign receipts when getting drinks. We had the drink packages but on other RCCL ships we always had to sign still even if hte bill was $0. This allowed us to add tips but now we had to have cash for tipping. That also lets us see that the drink is 'free'. In this case, we were billed for 2 drinks and have no idea how that happened. One we noticed that night before when I went to guest services for something else and noticed it on her screen and she took it off. The other we didn't notice until we got home so now we're stuck paying for it. we had been on larger ships before but the small ship ended up fine. I was worried about many sea days (3) and lack of stuff to do but we were never bored and the small ship was more intimate in a good way. It was actually nice to see the same people over and over and get to know them.  
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    TinyDancer reacted to WAAAYTOOO in how to cancel shore excursion   
    Sign into your account at royalcaribbean.com
    Click on the applicable cruise 
    Go to the small banner at the top and choose "Order History"
    Under "Shore Excursions", click on "View Order Details"
    Go to the bottom left corner and click on "Cancel"
    Then follow the instructions to cancel all or part of the participants.  Follow remaining instructions.
    If you used online OBC to purchase your excursion, it will be immediately credited back to your OBC account and will be available for use again, immediately.
    If you booked using your credit card, the funds will be credited back to your CC but it may take 3 - 5 business days for that to happen.
    Good luck !!
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    TinyDancer reacted to bossdog421 in We Still Do – Vow Renewal on Harmony - 1/26/20 – 2/2/20   
    Lots of swaying on this cruise. Started feeling kinda nauseous. Of course it happened right in the middle of our lunch at Jamie's Italian. I stayed for the pics of dessert but didnt eat any of them.  The waiter was great and wrapped up some brand new ones for us to take back. 
    Attempting a nap with some dramamine. So far unsuccessful, but the nausea is going away.

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    TinyDancer reacted to bossdog421 in We Still Do – Vow Renewal on Harmony - 1/26/20 – 2/2/20   
    We are having a blast and the weather is amazing!
    Daughter was too short for flow rider. After some convincing I got her to go down the water slides. She loved them, i got 4 rotations in the bowl too. Tips from the lifeguard helped!
    Daughter won the jackpot in the ticket machine too.

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    TinyDancer reacted to bossdog421 in We Still Do – Vow Renewal on Harmony - 1/26/20 – 2/2/20   
    So far this is a full on live blog. In the Suite lounge!

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    TinyDancer reacted to bossdog421 in We Still Do – Vow Renewal on Harmony - 1/26/20 – 2/2/20   
    Woo florida bound!!!!!

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    TinyDancer reacted to JennyJenny in Premium Tea?   
    I am SO glad I asked.
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    TinyDancer reacted to KathyC in Premium Tea?   
    Just snagged this from a live blog:  complementary tea is London Tea Company.  This is from the suite lounge in the terminal, but it's the same that's on board.
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    TinyDancer reacted to JLMoran in Useful weather tool for planning clothing / packing   
    Found a really useful site to get historical average weather conditions for a given month -- weatherspark.com. It covers every single place I'll be visiting on my Iceland & Greenland cruise, including the Prinz Christian Sund waterway that we'll be traveling through when we leave Qaqortoq.
    You can view the average data for an entire month, and it gives a ton of useful information -- high-low temperature range, hours of daylight (useful in the far north!), average rainfall chance and total over the month, average wind speed and direction (hugely useful in a place like Prinz Christian Sund, where we're standing on deck much of the day observing the scenery and need to dress warmly enough), average water temp (I remember @twangster's comment about how, absent any major land nearby, ambient air temp is driven by the water temp), and more.
    This just made planning our wardrobe and what layers to pack a lot easier! Figured I'd share since I know there are others here who've been trying to figure out what to pack for a cruise that changes climates, and visits variable climates, kind of quickly over a few days.
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    TinyDancer reacted to FManke in New England/Canada-Best excursions/tips for newbies   
    We found on our Canada/New England cruise, a tour of Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, ME and Peggy's Cove in Halifax, NS are musts!
    We took a small private tour of Arcadia National Park that took us to Cadillac Mountain and all around the park. A lot of great little restaurants and shops in Bar Harbor.
    In Halifax, we went to Peggy's Cove, great iconic lighthouse and scenery. It was part of a tour that also took us to the cemetery where the Titanic victims where buried. The only downside to this tour was the limited time at Peggy's Cove. In hindsight, we would choose a tour that exclusively went to Peggy's Cove. Spent to much time on the bus getting from place to place, instead of at the  attractions.                     
    We also enjoyed Portland, ME as it is a great walk around town with a ton of restaurants and shops. For food I suggest, Holy Donuts, Duck Fat and Standard Baking Co.
    Happy Cruising!
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