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  1. Thanks for posting this question. I’ll be on the June 12 Empress Canada/NE cruise and would love to hear about excursions, too! One blog I’ve found that helps a little is this one: https://thesmallworldfamily.com/2018/08/31/canada-and-new-england-cruise-live-blog-day-1/ Matt’s podcasts (listener e-mail portion) sometimes have relevant tips — there’s tiny a bit in Episode 332. If I notice any others I’ll post here. And one small tip of my own. Montreal is the original home of Cirque du Soleil and they will be having shows in Montreal in June. So something to consider if your cruise starts or ends in Montreal. Good luck with your planning!
  2. If you would have any interest in this, I did a short gondola rowing lesson with my son and my mother, and we all loved it! We did it with a nonprofit organization and proceeds go toward preserving the boats, etc. rowvenice.org I’d also recommend getting off the tourist trail in Venice! There is literally a marked path for tourists — it’s a zoo in the middle of the day. I remember that I enjoyed strolling through the residential area between the train station and the Frari Basilica.
  3. I’ve never been on a Mediterranean cruise, but I have visited Cinque Terre (20 yrs ago, at a non-touristy time of year — full disclosure), and I’d say go! It’s one of my favorite places in all my travels. I really need to go back someday...
  4. Thanks for your great review! I’ll be on Empress for a Canada itinerary in June. I love all your detailed descriptions. I have a question for you about the ship’s theater. From the pictures I’ve seen, it looks like the theater has tables with two chairs (fixed in place?) at each table. I’ll be part of a group of three on the ship, and I’m wondering if there’s any seating in the theater that would work well for a group of 3?
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