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  1. I think this is one of the few times that being Canadian is an advantage....no tax on Casino Winnings.... Now all I have to do is win....
  2. We did 4 weeks on here last year from Venice all the way back to the US and we really enjoyed our cruises. The crew were awesome, the food was great and we met some really great people aboard. The ship is in our opinion in great shape and well looked after. Enjoy your cruise!
  3. The issue is it may delay the boarding, we were involved in one that did delay the boarding until noon. I think its just to cover themselves in case all does not go perfectly during the inspection. Enjoy your cruise!
  4. You will be boarding Galveston. TX and those sailings have a lot of C&A members (more than 50% of the ship) so depending on the time you arrive at the port you will actually see the new cruiser line or anyone under Platinum level (this is the level you start to get priority boarding at) will be much shorter than the priority line. A couple of weeks ago we arrived at 1pm and it was like this. If you get to the port very early they have a waiting area upstairs that you wait at with a number, once the ship is ready for boarding (10:30-11am aprox.) they call out the numbers. (first to board are Back2back cruisers, Suites and Pinnacle members and then it goes by your numbers which are on a first come first serve basis) Enjoy your cruise!
  5. I also herd they were going smoke free inside the ships (no more smoking in the casino and the cigar lounges are all being converted to something else) There will still be smoking outside. I think Celebrity was the test and soon we will see this on more Royal ships.... I hope it's soon.
  6. The best is to go with an open mind and make the best of whatever situation arises. The idea is to enjoy your vacation and not hang on small details. Things happen on every cruise! Enjoy your cruise!
  7. I like the new wear you best thing. In the end people will wear what they want anyways why use the word formal.... If I'm eating in a restaurant with my wife enjoying a nice meal, why would I care if some is at the next table in a tuxedo or slacks and a polo shirt.
  8. I asked a crew member about currency once and the reply was "we love tips in any currency".....I'm sure they have ways to exchange money between themselves, with more than 60 nationalities working onboard.
  9. But we do have the FREE health care....?
  10. I would love to be able to take advantage of the Royal Caribbean CC but as a Canadian I am not able to get one. We have many US currency CC available in Canada just not the RC one.....
  11. Don't miss the back to back lunch they offer to consecutive cruisers in the dining room on turnaround day! Enjoy your cruises!
  12. Interesting, we booked a few cruises a couple of months ago aboard the Explorer and if you booked a Suite it had a $500 deposit....maybe they changed this....sorry for the misinformation.
  13. Yes, if you book a normal room not a suite the deposit is $100pp when booking onboard. This includes all cruises.
  14. We just got back from a cruise and they did a hold/pre-authorize for each days charges and the last day the took the total for the 10 days. Most of our holds were gone before the final charge but we still have 1 pending. It's always been like this for us.
  15. The change rooms and showers are separate for each gender. The shower stalls have shampoo dispensers like in your room and towels are provided.
  16. I would say Royal is slightly less fancy and a little more fun. I just find Royal attracts a more active crowed and as a new Diamond Member you will have the Diamond Lounge that in itself is a very nice perk.
  17. I guess a month would allow for more than just a basic drydock....it's interesting that no news has been released about the drydock yet.... We will be on the last 2 cruises before the drydock so I am hoping to have more info before our sailing Sept 4th 2020.
  18. You will get everywhere much faster....there is not so much walking involved. Everything is so much closer together... Enjoy your cruise!
  19. Looks like it's just in time....hopefully they ships will be back to the normal schedules. Enjoy your cruise!
  20. That sounds early, normally they close at 9 or 9:30 depending when the dining times are but you are still able to get food for 30 min after. I think it just the time you must be inside the Windjammer. Normally the officers eat late so they have the food out for a while after they close.
  21. Anyone know if there is any plan to offer the RC Credit Card to Canadians? I know we can not get one thru the US as you need a US address and SS number but maybe RC could partner with Canadian Bank.
  22. We had a RC transfer to Gatwick so they make you meet in the Theater and escort you to the bus.
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