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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to twangster in People With Unpopular Opinons?   
    I for one have stopped trying to promote the cruise industry and agree wholeheartedly with everything they said.
    The last thing I need is more people to book cruises (driving up the cost for me).  
    It's terrible out there folks.  The sea was 90' yesterday (away from the Promenade deck).  I hear that 99% of all cruise ships got stranded (away from a boring existence) yesterday.  Everyone on board is sick (of being on land).  I went missing (and none of my clients know I'm on a ship).  There were 75 mph winds (for anyone driving on the interstate with their hands out the window in Florida). 
    Yep, it's not a life for the faint of heart.  Avoid cruising (so I can book cheaper cruises).
    If they don't want to go, please don't try to correct them.  
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to twangster in How strict are they on hight requirements for water slides on Liberty of the Seas   
    There is a lot of engineering behind the height and weights limits, for a reason.  Despite her objections, stick with the rules for her sake. If something ever happened you would never get over it.  
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to marti314 in How strict are they on hight requirements for water slides on Liberty of the Seas   
    If you know your daughter would be too short, do the right thing and just wait until she is tall enough.  The rules are there for the safety of guests based on the design of the slides etc.  If you knew she was too short and "snuck" on and got hurt that would really ruin the vacation.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to JLMoran in Labor Day Sale   
    Added that missing bit, because let's be honest -- over the span of a 3 or 4 day cruise where you have one port that lets you use the drink package and it's maybe not a big deal. Get up to a 5 or 7 nighter, or even longer, and that extra cocktail each day becomes a bigger and bigger mountain to climb. Especially when you factor in the port days that don't let you use the package to its full extent unless you're "making up for it" after you get back from port.
    My drinking capacity (aka my liver) hasn't magically changed just because the price went up. I'm fine having 3 drinks a day on average -- two at dinner, plus one mid-day or an after-dinner cocktail. Embarkation day and the first sea day I can probably swing one or two extra, but after that the alcohol fatigue definitely sets in trying to down those extra drinks. That's why I figured out that $45-$50 per day is my limit on buying the package, and that's after factoring in the non-alcoholic stuff I typically drink.
    If Royal doesn't want to support that price point any longer, that's fine; it's their business and they can run it how they choose. I'll just switch to the Refreshment Package as my standard buy (until that gets too expensive, anyway 😏) and go a la carte for my cocktails and / or wine. Royal still gets the same amount of my money as they would have gotten before, I just have to deal with the annoyance of paying it after the cruise instead of before.
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    CoupleOfCruisers got a reaction from ashonthesea in Must-do’s in Key West   
    Best locals place is Schooner Wharf Bar..... they also have live music (depending on day and time)
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to twangster in Who would ever let go of your child, even if there was no glass there?   
    Thanks for the detailed information.
    If I'm not mistaken, Winkleman was engaged the day of the accident.  I suspect if that is the case a local criminal attorney was also.  
    They've moved very quickly.  Afternoon accident, understandably terribly distraught and sedated yet have researched and engaged counsel back on the mainland within hours.  My head would be spinning, I wouldn't be thinking about engaging an attorney at that moment in time. 
    Why is Winkleman making such an effort to be so public about this?  A presser within 24 hours of the incident for example.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to twangster in Who would ever let go of your child, even if there was no glass there?   
    Interesting side discussion about the McD case.  
    Likely the kind of confusion the attorney in this case is trying to create.
    Dangerous play areas, dangerous hidden windows on cruise ships, media blitz with numerous pictures of a toddler, cruise ship FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).
    Meanwhile my colleague is on the phone with Royal Caribbean right now as I stand in front of the press holding a press conference stating all these terrible, dangerous things about cruise ships.  Of course this could all stop... for a price.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to OrlandoC in Who would ever let go of your child, even if there was no glass there?   
    I'm sorry this is wrong. Not calling you out in particular since this is a huge misconception across the country. 
    McDonald's was absolutely negligent in how they served their coffee. 
    The 79 year-old victim suffered third degree burns on her legs and genitals which required extensive surgery to repair because McDonald's served coffee at over 190 degrees. They also knew that this was a problem because before this case they had already received over 700 reports of burns due to hot coffee. They didn't even deny they knew this was dangerous in the case! Yet they continued to serve it at near boiling temperatures. 
    In addition the victim didn't want to file a lawsuit. She only wanted her medical expenses paid. McDonalds refused and only offered her $800. Her lawsuit was for those expenses only but the jury thought McDonald's was so negligent that they awarded her even more. 
    So how did it end up that everyone in America thinks she was greedy because she got some lukewarm coffee on her? McDonald's funded a misinformation campaign that the media bought into and spread to everyone. Corporations have used this fake story to keep people with real injuries from pursuing damages for fear they might be considered in the same way this woman was. Don't fall for McDonald's lies.  
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to JohnK6404 in Who would ever let go of your child, even if there was no glass there?   
    I know, I know, the bottom line is that this is truly a painful tragedy, but it bothers me that they claim they could not distinguish an opening in the "wall of windows"...
    Two quick random pictures pulled up clearly showing how dark the glass is tinted on Freedom in the H2O zone, especially where the opened panes now overlap the adjacent fixed panes to the left of each opening.
    I find it almost impossible to believe that anyone that was actually looking at the glass could miss the openings when we can all see them clearly across the deck in just these two photos (maybe 100 feet away?). We can count each and every opening... how do you miss them standing 1-2 feet directly in front of one? And once again, handrails are for hands, not feet or butts.
    One shot is on a cloudy day and the other on a nice bright sunny day...

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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to twangster in Who would ever let go of your child, even if there was no glass there?   
    The attorney references a hockey rink and lifting her to the top of the boards so she could see through the glass.  This is apparently critical to his strategy since they have distributed a photo of it and he has mentioned it several times.  Yet the picture the attorney is distributing of her at a hockey rink shows her standing on the floor and leaning on the glass at the hockey rink. 

    (Some news outlets have cropped the photo so you see just her upper body and hands on the glass.)
    The ship also has glass starting at floor level.  She could have stayed on the floor on the ship, looked through the glass just like at the hockey rink and banged on it all she wanted to just like at the hockey rink, safely standing on her feet.  There was no need to pick her up so she could see out the window.  Why pick her up to place her on the railing so she could look outside when she could already see outside from the floor? 
    It makes no sense.  The view isn't any better from the railing than it is from the floor, unless she wanted to look out the open window in which case they knew the window was open and he simply lost his grip somehow. 
    There is a lot that just doesn't add up with the story.  
    How is it the local police as first responders came to the conclusion that they did?  He must have said something or explained it in the anxiety of the moment that the police investigators picked up on.    
    It will be interesting to see how local authorities handle this.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to Ogalthorpe Haywood in Who would ever let go of your child, even if there was no glass there?   
    I don’t think the judgement would be so harsh if the family didn’t hire a law firm that sues royal regularly immediately after the tragedy happened. 
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in Suite lounge drink suggestions   
    That's how I felt until I tried a Lemon Drop Martini.  That is my "go-to" drink now. 
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to PatsFanBrian in Drive from Baltimore to New Jersey   
    When we cruised out of Port Liberty a few years ago, we stayed in a hotel near Newark airport the night before.  Most of the hotels in that area have packages that include one night, parking for the duration of the cruise and free shuttles to and from the port.  It certainly is less hassle than getting up early and dealing with several hours of traffic along with the boarding process.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to YOLO in Is internet worth it on royal Caribbean?   
    Ceil and I feel the same way.  It's nice to tell work that we are unreachable for those 1 or 2 weeks a year.  It makes it sort of a like a real vacation! 😏
    We've both tried the free 1 day of internet we both get as diamond and find it useless.  No kidding, for us it is more trouble than what its worth.  I can't ever imagine paying for it...
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to Biff215 in Is internet worth it on royal Caribbean?   
    In my opinion it’s not worth it but I also don’t have a “need” for it. I enjoy the time off the grid and usually have cell coverage at some point or at least free WiFi while in port somewhere so I can check calls and emails. I can’t imagine paying the price they charge regardless of speed, but to each their own!
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to Hoski in Drink Package Price Increase!!   
    I was thinking the same thing.  We started cruising again last year after many years of all-inclusive because my husband got a free cruise from a casino.  We have achieved Emerald already and continue to travel on free cruises.  When we previously cruised we did Carnival and NCL and I really loved NCL as they were the first Freestyle.  So hubby got a free certificate for NCL and we will be going over Thanksgiving to see how it compares.  We got the free beverage package and other perks so our cruise cost us a little over $900 for both of us.  Drink package on RCCL would cost us about $800.  That being said I would not pay the $100 a day NCL charges without the free perk.  I'm thinking RCCL might be losing me as a package customer if the packages keep up this high.  $50 is where I feel my limit is.  Usually we have two free cabins so hubby could purchase it in his cabin because he drinks more but I will skip and pay as I go.  If it is just hubby and I then we would buy it because we would be in the same cabin.  Seven more nights and I will get Diamond drinks plus I get free casino drinks so I will just be more selective when I drink my alcohol.  I think a giant price jump in packages may cause people to at least try other lines such as NCL. 
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to marti314 in Drink Package Price Increase!!   
    This is clearly what RCL is hoping for, they can raise the prices to whatever they want and people will keep paying it.  Worked well for APPLE for years and now the IPHONE is not even their largest revenue generator
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to jticarruthers in Drink Package Price Increase!!   
    I struggle mightily with the drink package .. with several free drinks a night, no interest in coffees, juices, etc. its tough for me to make an economic argument for the package. Convenience only carries me so far ...
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to marti314 in Drink Package Price Increase!!   
    I have this hunch that we will see a change to this "program" very soon.  I have bought drink packages for every cruise, even as diamond but with these new prices ill stop buying it and i have a feeling i am not alone.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to YOLO in Drink Package Price Increase!!   
    Yes, when when you hit Diamond C&A status you are entitled to a limited drink menu during early evening hours.  See @Lovetocruise2002's link for the menu.  On the Anthem it ran from 4:30PM to 8PM with two ways to obtain free drinks.  1) In the Diamond lounge where you enjoy as many free drinks as you want along with appetizers.  2) Each night you get 3 free drink credits loaded onto your sea pass card.  You can retrieve those drinks at any bar, but they expire at 8PM each night.  IMO, this is the best cruise loyalty rewards perk available.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to FManke in What does ICON Class mean for us?   
    Save money on fuel while simultaneously charging us more money. It's a win-win for RCCL!
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to rjac in What does ICON Class mean for us?   
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to ChessE4 in Mrs h Newman   
    There was when we took a cruise 2 years ago on the Rhapsody.  But as advised by @melski94 , you can check a more recent cruise compass.  Even if they don't have one on your cruise, 1970's attire is always fashionable on Royal!
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to princevaliantus in Labor Day Sale   
    Not being rude at all. My response was from the Wizard of Oz, no reference to any cruise line.This post started out as a joke, if you truly followed along, you would have picked that up. I also know the difference between every cruise line that there is as I have cruised approximately 40 years. We all are here to enjoy this great blog, share our different experiences and opinions and have a little fun along the way.  Sit back, relax, and have a Mimosa on me!  🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to RBRSKI in Labor Day Sale   
    I have voiced my frustration on the so called sales that RCCL publishes every minute of the day.  It truly is for the people that have no clue which I feel bad for!  Don't get me wrong, RCCL does have some great deals on cruises but it's only the ones that they are having a hard time filling.  Yes, I also get they are a business trying to make money so they will prey on those who do not do their homework!
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