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  1. Looks like a lot of people get away with bringing scissors aboard. Received my Guest Ticket Boolket a few days ago and it says, "Prohibited items: Sharp Objects, including knives and scissors. (Note: Personal grooming items such as safety razors are allowed.)."
  2. On night 6 will will be docked overnight in Paris (Le Havre) France, in your option will they still have a Formal night that night?
  3. Air2Sea gave us ours at the time of booking, although on British Airways its a PCB. I would call them back to make sure . Beware that some airlines have different procedures for advance seating. ie had to pay $52.00 per seat each way on British Airways, it would have been free if I waited until 24 hours prior to flight
  4. For those of you that bring wine aboard in your carry on, what type of wine protectors do you recommend?
  5. Be careful about choosing a pre-paid credit card (Revolt appears good ) I bought a pre-paid visa/master card, loaded it with a couple thousand only to find out once overseas it was only good in the US.
  6. If you have a later flight, you may want to check and see if a post cruise tour is offered that drops you off at the airport upon completion
  7. Excellent information about the the ships policy retrieving passports. If someone still thinks they would be more comfortable taking their passports ashore, suggest a Pacsafe Coversafe X75 neck pouch worn under your shirt. They are RFID and have a wire cable in the neck strap. I use one just to carry ID, credit card and cash when traveling abroad. Overseas a passport card only serves as a government ID and not a passport
  8. Glad to hear you liked the entertainment, we are book aboard the Explorer in October. Went on the Oasis a few years ago and were kinda worried we may have been spoiled by her entertainment.
  9. Same question, same ship and port. We need to catch a post cruise tour at 0830. We are a little old to do "Express walk off. Don't know if will help, but its the main reason we purchased the Key
  10. Unfortunate you were not aware of the rules, it can make you feel pretty perturbed . From our decades of playing "land" based Bingo, it has been our experience in a non-cash grand prize with multiple winners, no one receives the grand prize, but are given a cash prize that is usually smaller than the buy in.
  11. If you want to use your phone and take video consider a DJI Osmo Moblie 3 handheld gimbal. Its around $119 and works great with an iPhone and can be used with other phones. Zoom, stabilization, tilt, pan, slow motion, time-lapse and active tracking
  12. Suppose it happens, but we have never had a problem with anyone
  13. Try not to overthink, yes Central Park can get a little warm during the day but its only a small part of the ship. During formal night spent some time the having pictures taken in a suit and was not uncomfortable
  14. Good info, Thank you. Only one thing, British Airways will let you pick your seats 24 hours in advance , 7 days in advance if your a member, but charges for advance seat assignment in economy, I Paid $51.00 per person each way, and they are the cheap seats
  15. We are sailing in October. In May we booked 5 shore excursions through Royal. As soon as we hit the 90 day mark, I noticed that the total price for all 5 excursions had gone up over $300.00
  16. What are the advantages (if any) to checking in online before your flight. Flying on British Airways
  17. Flying back to the US from Heathrow. My wife is a little older and is not able to walk real fast. We are scheduled to arrive at the airport about three hours prior to the flight. Will this give its enough time or do we need to get there earlier?
  18. Do they replace the standard menu items or are the in addition to?
  19. Wondering if the Cruise Compass was published prior to sailing? If so, when and where? Going on the French Dutch Aventure abroad the Explorer of the Seas out of Southampton. It appears it is not a frequent cruise and I'm not able to locate a past compass
  20. We had a boardwalk view room (same level as Central Park) on the Oasis , never could get it cold even after maintenance tried ,
  21. A lot of the ports have shore excursions that are designed for later departing flights. After disembarkation you take the shuttle bus, go on the tour and they drop you off at the airport
  22. If I cancel say a refreshment package and upgrade to the deluxe drink package how long will it take for the cancelled package to be credited back? Will it go back on my credit card or?
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