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  1. 13 minutes ago, RBRSKI said:

    Even though they are gonna be 21 and 17, we will never complain they still want to spend time with us!    Hope that never ENDS!

    haha, I remember my parents finally cutting me out of their vacations after I turned 21 (we did a big 21st to Maui) and I was always so jealous!! Also, don't worry, if they like hanging with you at 21 and 17, they always will. Said as a 34 yr old who still has a ton of fun just hanging on the couch with my parents. 

  2. 58 minutes ago, BrianB said:

    It accepted all of my information and photo...but when I try to submit, the ‘Sorry, hit a snag’ message keeps coming up.

    I am fully paid (was due today) and checked in for my Jan 25th but I also get this message. I would've lifted and shifted long ago but I got (2) 2-day Coco Cay Waterpark passes for $116 ($29/day/pp) which is an absolute STEAL I will never find again! 🤞🤞🤞

  3. 11 minutes ago, jticarruthers said:

    Thought it was announced a while back that masks dont stop you getting sick they are intended to stop you getting others sick ...

    It actually works both ways! If you're sick, it keeps your deadly moisture particles from slapping more people in the face, and if you're not sick, a mask helps you not to breathe in as many deadly moisture particles if they happen to be around. 


  4. My April 17 2022 Freedom cruise out of San Juan was replaced today by Explorer. If I stay on board how do I know what cabin I will be in and is there any opportunity to pick? I am sad it won't be amped! Does Explorer have any recent updates? 


    Over the next few weeks, we'll be making schedule and itinerary adjustments to some of our late 2021 and early 2022 sailings for six of our ships. These changes are being made after tapping into market research as well as listening to feedback and input from guests and trade partners on opportunities for new adventures. But most importantly, we are applying the best available public health, science and engineering insights to deliver a safe and healthy cruise vacation. Regrettably, as a result of these shifts, our April 17, 2022 Freedom of the Seas cruise has been cancelled.

    The good news is, our sister ship, Explorer of the Seas, is heading to San Juan, Puerto Rico! The even better news? She'll sail on the exact same day as your original cruise and will visit similar destinations! So, starting October 21, 2020, to make this transition easier, we're automatically moving you to the corresponding Explorer of the Seas sailing. 

    While we know you'll have a great time onboard Explorer of the Seas, your vacation is important to us, along with providing you the flexibility to make the best decision for you and those in your party. Below, we've outlined your options along with a few additional details.

    Option 1: Stay onboard the Explorer of the Seas cruise

    • We're automatically moving you to the Explorer of the Seas sailing departing on the same day as your original cruise.
    • Your current cruise fare paid will be price protected or reduced to the prevailing cruise fare rate (whichever is lower). This excludes taxes, fees, gratuities, and other non-cruise fare items.
      • If you were already paid in full and your cruise fare rate decreases, we'll provide you with a refund if there is any difference in pricing. You can expect to receive your refund to your original form of payment 45 days after we move you. Kindly note, refund times may vary depending on your financial institution.
    • Plus, we'll provide you with an Onboard Credit valued at a $50 USD for Interior and Ocean View staterooms or $100 USD for Balcony staterooms and Suites - because we know you were looking forward to sailing on a Freedom-class ship.


  5. Florida is a 74 hour round trip driving for me so best believe I will be flying if cruising ever resumes! I flew once already during the pandemic, 6 or so hours each way. I LOVED that the airport was the place I have seen the most masked people all in one spot and never felt unsafe while armed with cleaning wipes. 

    As long as airlines keep up with the middle seat blocked and intensive between-flight cleanings, I am on board. 

  6. 1 hour ago, JLMoran said:

    And just to sync that up with cruising discussion -- how was the total cost in comparison to a cruise of the same length to the same area? Let's use an Oasis class as the baseline since it'll have the most bells & whistles / be the closest to an all-inclusive if it only stopped at Coco Cay / Labadee.

    I actually have two bookings to compare! 

    This was 6 nights in Cancún. My comparable OA class reference point is a 4-night to Cozumel in a OVB which was about $1.5k cheaper than the resort. 
    I also have 6 nights in Jamaica booked because my booking from this year needed to be moved out a year. A 7-night OA class to Coco Cay in an OVB is about $1.8k cheaper than that resort, too! 

    So affordable, cruising is always the best choice!

  7. I just went on an old fashioned land vacation at an All Inclusive and the greediness at the buffet DOES still exist even when the servers are hand serving each guest. I stood behind a woman for what felt like eternity as she had the server select/unselect different items until her plate was as high as 3 meals worth of food. 

    With the resorts at 30% capacity, chair hogs are a thing of the past, though! All my pictures make it look like the place was empty. Can I hope to get on a cruise early on at 30% capacity? It was heavenly! 


  8. @twangster I just keep this tab open year round now, I guess. I opened it around March getting excited for my May Oasis cruise... which was pushed to November which got Lift and Shifted to November 2021. But ONE DAY I WILL SAIL HER DAMN IT, and until then these pics really brighten my spirits! That Solarium, siiiiigh. 

    Can I ask how many Twangster blogs we've lost to the pandemic? 

  9. I'd like to toss in Rainforest Adventures in the Castries Waterworks Preserve for St. Lucia. I ended up choosing it over the Pitons zip you listed because it includes an aerial tram through the jungle to get to the ziplines from the base station. It was amazing, I loved being in the rainforest! Seeing the Pitons may be the deciding factor though, now I just have to go back again to see them 😁  




  10. 21 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

    Try again ?  I’ve heard they are being a little more lenient recently.

    They were being super lenient about my April 2021 Southern Caribbean out of San Juan when I called earlier this week... they were really wanting to put me on Allure to the Western Caribbean or on Harmony to Bahamas/Eastern Caribbean which I thought was weird. She had to get a supervisor's approval to allow me to L&S from Freedom in April 21 to Freedom in April 22, both with the same itinerary! 🤯

  11. On 7/14/2020 at 7:10 PM, Lovetocruise2002 said:

    Has anyone come across this situation before and is there a chance it might get loaded in later (even though all other dining seems to be there)? I’ve never contemplated purchasing the UDP before so I have never really paid attention to this.

    Yes! I have asked this question before and no one knew then but YES, eventually it showed up for my Oasis 4 night even though every other option was there already including Chops+1! It showed up around 200 days I think. 

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