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  1. Which part isn't working? I was able to choose the cruise, room, fill in all my info, get to the window where you select the refundable option, and then I stopped there and went through my travel agent to actually book.
  2. are now available to book (Nov 2021 to April 2022). There is a 4 night sailing, then all the itineraries are the same: 7 day cruises leaving Sundays, going to Roatan, Costa Maya and Cozumel. I'm so excited we are getting an Oasis class ship in Galveston!
  3. Thanks for the replies. I'm glad to hear we no longer have to stalk the walls. It was always so hard to find photos. I remember finding all ours and placing them behind each other, as we didn't want to buy early ones in case future ones turned out better. And then the royal photo people would just move them around so you had to keep finding them. Looking forward to seeing how the kiosks work.
  4. These are showing up the same price in my cruise planner. While doing research, it appears most people purchase the digital package. What is the advantage of the digital package over the print? It seems to me that the print package would be superior since it would cost extra to print my favorite digital photos after. Is there something I'm missing? I am sailing on Liberty. Does RCCL still print all photos and then you have to search for them on the walls?
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