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  1. this is generally what i have in mind. i'm expecting 30 cabins. about 60 people. i dont need a reserved room or venue. i was thinking more like a bar meetup before dinner. or a late night bar or club meetup. last year, i picked a few activities during the day like a mini golf time or rock wall. i cant get the groups department to supply any specifics on available activities or even a list of venues. i need an idea of what they have scheduled, to work my stuff around theirs.
  2. no one has any idea about this? what about the name of the cruise director?
  3. It’s not a full charter. Just 50 or 60 people. I tried groups. The problem is there They are not advised of the itinerary in advance. Since there have never been three day cruises on oasis, there are no past itineraries to supply a copy of.
  4. happy Friday RC blog! i want to locate the email for the cruise director of oasis. in the end of April my company is doing an employee cruise. i want to create a supplemental cruise compass for my group. pick a few times and places for them to all meet up. in the past I've either downloaded old compass' from your site or had RC supply past compass' that i can use to schedule my stuff around. the issue this time is my cruise is the first 3 day on oasis. there are no past compass'...i know I'm trying to plan my cruise....I'm certain the oasis' cruise director is doing the same. I've co
  5. greetings all! i'm going to be in Nassau next month on a corporate thing and i'm the tour guide. i'm looking for a transportation suggestion to take 15-20 people from the port to the daiquiri shack that's near cable beach and from there to the Watling distillery. i know the #10 bus runs that way...it won't come pick us us for the second stop. i've seen jitney's around on previous trips but i have not idea who to contact thanks in advance for your help
  6. miami beach is very close to the port in miami. a walk down ocean drive is fun, Lincoln road is also nice and within walking distance from the beach. wynwood is near by and there's a lot of cool things to see there too. uber or lyft are good transportation options. in fort lauderdale, las olas is beautiful and fort lauderdale beach is very close. there are lots of shops, bars and restaurants. its true traffic can be a challenge but your on vacation, its not the same as those of us that have to commute in it. if your still looking for suggestions, message me
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