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  1. Me too. I will take my kids and family to Amped ship or Oasis class/Quantum class only.
  2. not at all. I was on Harmony last month and I thought we didn't sail full! I never felt crowded at all even at the Windjammer.
  3. thank you for the response! I guess taxis are lined up at the cruise port in the morning just like all other cruise ports?
  4. hello! I am thinking about resort day pass at Hilton Rose Hall when I go to Falmouth.. problem is ship arrives at 7 AM bus pick us up at 8:30. Is taxi readily available at the port? I want to grab a taxi and get to HRH my self early.. every minute count! 🙂 Has anyone used a taxi in Falmouth?? how was the experience? thanks!!
  5. That is a good news! I also saw that Royal is creating a some kind of beach club for Royal quests only so I think I will choose Eastern Itinerary. CANNOT WAIT
  6. yes I am leaning toward this one. Does Antigua have pier big enough to handle Oasis class ships? I know Oasis class don't do tenders.
  7. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! perfect!!!! now I need to decide between Eastern vs. Western!! Eastern - Antigua, St. Thomas, CoCoCay Western - Falmouth, Labadee, Nassau, CoCoCay which itinerary would you all choose??? decision..decision..
  8. the wait is killing me! come on Royal release 7 night caribbean itinerary already!
  9. Harmony of the Seas and it's not even close. Oasis class is the best of the best.
  10. I was on Harmony 2 weeks ago and while It would've been nice to have pool in solarium it really didn't affect our cruise. everything else was near perfect. PERFECT. While I want to try AMPED Oasis/Allure or Symphony from Port Canaveral, I will not hesitate to book Harmony again in 2021. Is it November 4th yet??!!
  11. Yeah I noticed that lol oh well I will be ready in the morning of November 4th just in case I am so ready to book 2021 fall cruise.
  12. sooo excited!! It's like almost waiting for real cruise lol
  13. agreed. I am hoping for new Oasis class or Independence of the Seas at Port Canaveral!
  14. 7 day Caribbean itinerary will be revealed on November 4th.. and I cannot wait!!! lol I just did a 7 night Western Caribbean on Harmony of the Seas from Port Canaveral. Do you think Royal will keep Harmony in Port Canaveral for 2021-2022 season after her spring 2021 drydock? I am now hooked on Oasis class..It was such an amazing ship!!! Part of me want to try Oasis/Allure/Symphony but absolutely no problem with Harmony again..
  15. What is wrong with Enchantment? too much wear and tear?
  16. Is there age restriction to use fitness center on board? thank you!
  17. If you decide to go to Mahahual next week, can you tell us current seaweed situation? thanks!
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