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  1. Fish Fry is fine. Yes “Over The Hill” is dodgy - there is nothing to see there anyway. It is an area where people live with lower income I.e. poor area.
  2. Where is your bird watching tour? How far do you have walk? Normally a tour bus is right on the port pier.
  3. I am from Nassau, I live in Canada. I am actually currently in Nassau for Christmas vacation. I am very sad, upset to read all the comments on this post. Yes the Port needs a serious make over and it was recently announced they are going to fix it up etc etc. There are many things to see outside of downtown Nassau. Also is perfectly safe to walk in the downtown area during the day. My father is a lawyer and walks to courthouses almost everyday, in downtown Nassau and had yet to be robbed in 20+ years. There is a beautiful beach on Paradise Island, called Cabbage Beach (see attached picture) You don’t need to access it though Atlantis Day Pass there is public access for free. I go to it ALL the time. Nassau is not perfect, yes it has crime. I am sure the town you live in, is not perfect and has crime too.
  4. I just came off Navigator of The Seas (9 Days) with my family, I am single. There were “Solo Get Togethers” quite a few times listed on the Cruise Compass, I never went to them, I just did things on my own and met people along the way. I travel Solo a lot, so I am used to doing things by myself.
  5. Hello All I live in Canada, heading on my 3rd family cruise, 2nd RCCL cruise on December 7th 2018 on Navigator of The Seas, to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary. I am single solo traveller for work and vacation, but I have never taken a solo cruise. Seriously looking at one in 2019. Fact, on the family cruise 2014, on Jewel of The Seas, I won a 7 day cruise in BINGO (and $300 the day before) gave it to my parents. They went on their winning on Freedom of The Seas cruise in 2015.
  6. Oh my word...this is so funny I found this post searching for “Almond Milk” I have been travelling solo for 5 years on land, now I am literally looking at this exact cruise or a European one in 2019! I am going on my 3rd RCCL cruise with my family in December. Thanks for all the information 🙌
  7. Glad you posted this, I am allergic to milk, soy milk and coconut milk. I can only drink almond. For my own health, I think I am going to bring my own.
  8. My Amazon tags JUST came in the mail today! So excited I spotted them on Pinterest!
  9. I have been on RCCL website at least once a week for planning our coming family cruise, or looking for my first solo cruise, and this "Canadian Resident Specials" popped up as an option! Is this new?! This wasn't on her last week, or was it..LOL
  10. Thanks for posting this question! I have been on 3 cruises with my family and seriously thinking of doing 1 solo next year. I just started travelling solo 5 years ago, (I am single) and I love it! 32 days till our family cruise on Navigator of the Seas and I think I will join any solo meet n greet events on the ship, just to chat and get their feedback. etc
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