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  1. Just flew last weekend and both flights had to check my carry on plane side. No problem with size. Most everyone on the flight had a carryon that had to be checked plane side. Beats paying for luggage.
  2. I second the Maya Chan. It was a wonderful day of relaxation, great food and drinks! In Roatan we did South Shore Zipline and had a blast! We booked it privately and they were sure to get us back to the ship with time to spare.
  3. We drive down from South Carolina and stay in Fort Pierce about an hour and a half north of Fort Lauderdale. Hotels are cheaper and we get to the port by 11am so no worries.
  4. Don't they hold any bottles of liquor that you buy on the ship until you get off at the end of the cruise?
  5. Does anyone know will you have to pay to use the wave pool or will it be free to use? I don't do slides but may want to get wet in the Wave Pool. Thanks for any answers.
  6. CD on Adventure of the Seas on October 21st sailing was Bill Brunkhorst. Magic Marvin was the Activities Manager. Don't know his last name.
  7. My husband and I just got back from a cruise and I got the soda and zoom for me and he didn't get anything. He doesn't drink soda and I needed the wi fi for business. You can sign on any one device at a time. He used my code to check his emails on his phone when I wasn't using it.
  8. We just returned from a cruise on Adventures of the Seas to Costa Maya and Cozumel and I noticed most people had little to no jewelry on them when they left the ship. I hadn't thought about it but I had left mine in the safe because we were snorkeling and didn't want to attract the wrong fish attention. Less is best when in foreign ports.
  9. In Costa Maya if you want the best Mexican food and drinks and a relaxed day you have to go to Maya Chan. It is fantastic! Check them out on TripAdvisor. We were just there and hope to go again in February. Haven't been to Belize so can't help you with that one.
  10. We are at Day 45 and have our snorkeling stuff out and ordered new stuff from Amazon and added to the pile of goodies. So need this vacation! Need ink in printer and then ready to print set sail passes and luggage tickets. Love the plastic sleeves for the luggage tags. Used them on our last cruise.
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