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    briankeith513 reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in Virtual stateroom tours   
    Last night when I went through it, you could do a virtual tour of an inside cabin, ocean view, Central Park, balcony, JS, GS, and OS.
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    briankeith513 reacted to soremekun in Royal Caribbean app updates tracker spreadsheet   
    Some of us are anxiously tracking the development of the Royal Caribbean app.  I thought it would be a good idea to track the features and updates in this spreadsheet.  With the spreadsheet in Google Sheets format, other like-minded ones can also contribute.  Updates can be found via the changelog when the app is updated.  However, app users may notice a capability that may not have been specifically announced for the ship they're sailing on.
    Column A contains the features.
    Cells B1-Z1 contain the ship names.
    Feel free to add new features as they're announced.
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    briankeith513 reacted to Matt in Type(s) of Bottled Water?   
    With either the Refreshment or Deluxe beverage package, it is spring water (Evian) or sparkling 
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    briankeith513 reacted to whitsmom in Type(s) of Bottled Water?   
    I think it is spring water; however, I am not 100% now that I am thinking about it.  We drank lots of bottle water but for the life of me I guess I didn't look too close.
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    briankeith513 reacted to twangster in Internet without Streaming?   
    I have a 10 cruise history with Carnival (all prior to Vista/Horizon).  Carnival internet has consistently been a disappointment except for the social package.  For all other packages it's been misleading marketing and lies.  Royal internet is much better.  It's still over satellite and not perfect or "like home" but it's been pretty good for me across the fleet, unlike Carnival.  Because of that I don't mind paying for it because it works unlike Carnival on most of their ships.
    Horizon has fast internet from what I've read.  Faster than Royal.  But that's the only ship with it so far according to my research.  That's where the misleading marketing comes in.  "Fastest internet at sea" - yeah but only on one ship. 
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    briankeith513 reacted to twangster in Internet without Streaming?   
    Lastly, don't try to apply any logic to advance Voom pricing.  It varies cruise to cruise. 
    If you wait thinking you will be able to get it for $11.99 you'll likely be disappointed.   For a while $15.99 was the 'somewhat standard' 2018 advance price but with over 20 cruises booked, pricing is all over with no rhyme or reason. Often when a sale has occurred it has not applied to all of my cruises, sometimes only 1 or 2 or even none while other's report seeing sale prices.
    There is no pattern or someone at RCI HQ has a dart board they use to choose which ships or cruises will offer a Voom sale.
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    briankeith513 reacted to twangster in Internet without Streaming?   
    For the Symphony transatlantic I purchased Surf and Stream for $11.99 per day.  That is the cheapest I've seen it, on any ship. 
    Today for that same cruise, Surf is $12.79 and Surf and Stream is $15.99.

    With double digits of cruises booked I am seeing prices ranging from 14.99 to 19.99.  It depends on the date.  It seems to be increasing for later 2019 cruises (those are the ones at $19.99).
    Here is the thing - if you purchase today and it goes on sale, you can refund today's purchase in full and re-purchase at the sale price.  On board prices will be higher.  US Holidays are often times of sales but follow Royal Caribbean Blog on FB or twitter since @Matt will usually post when sales occur.
    Note - This is the only cruise I have booked where Surf is offered in advance.  I've never seen it before. Possibly because this cruise originates in Spain. 
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    briankeith513 reacted to Skid in Internet without Streaming?   
    One additional point you may want to consider: They also offer drink packages combined with surf & stream. If you are considering a soda or deluxe drink package, see if the combo saves you anything. I have not seen this with the refreshment package, just the classic soda and deluxe.
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    briankeith513 reacted to twangster in Internet without Streaming?   
    Depending on your level within the Crown and Anchor Society (loyalty program) there will be on board discount to use with Surf if you have ever cruised with Royal before.  It is typically:
    Gold 10%, Platinum/Emerald 15%, Diamond 1 free day of Surf or $22.99 off, Diamond Plus two free days of Surf or $45.98 off.
    If you can wait a day or two once on board, the full voyage packages are pro-rated and drop in price as each day passes.  Most of the time you will have cell service until sometime after dinner on day one so waiting until day two at least isn't that hard to do. 
    Once in a while Surf will be offered pre-cruise but that is rare, I've only seen it once with dozens of bookings. 
    The plans on board are more expensive than those offered pre-cruise.  Surf is rate limited and slow.  Surf and Stream even if not streaming is much faster so regular internet use is better on Surf and Stream.  Before the cruise the typical Surf and Stream prices are close to Surf prices on board so a lot of the time your are better to purchase Surf and Stream in advance and enjoy faster internet. 
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    briankeith513 reacted to Matt in Internet without Streaming?   
    The Surf option (not Surf and Stream) has been relegated to purchase onboard only.
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    briankeith513 reacted to melski94 in Internet without Streaming?   
    I've seen it offered onboard.  The price is about the same price as your cruise planner sale price for Surf and Stream.  
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    briankeith513 reacted to Skid in Anthem - Man Jumps Off Ship   
    It is not about beating a dead horse or about being politically correct. It's about human beings showing some respect and sympathy for parents who lost a child under tragic circumstances. It is baffling to me how some people don't get that.
    If it's supposed to be a family here on RCBlog, I guess I've been disowned by some. Oh well.
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